9 Things To Consider When Buying An Upright Vacuum Cleaner





If you are thinking of getting the upright vacuum cleaner, then you should consider its features, mobility limitations, maintenance, and durability. It is wise to research the vacuum before buying; get some of the information from professional reports and customer reviews. With that in mind, below are some handy tips that can help you make the right choice when looking for the best standing vacuum cleaner.


1. Floor Type

Do you have a hardwood floor, tiled flooring, stone slab, concrete, one completely covered with a quality rug? The type of floor influences the kind of vacuum cleaner to get regarding work delivery. Since the goal is to get a machine that stands upright when cleaning, this is not the main issue. What matters is whether the vacuum can clean the type of flooring in question leaving it scratch-free and spotless.


2. Carpet Cleaning

Most of the carpeted floors will have a higher accumulation of dust and dirt compare to those that have a bare finish. A powerful vacuum cleaner is ideal for the rugged flooring since you need something that can pull up the dust and dirt off the carpet strands and from the base of the rag. The job is relatively easy when using an upright model with some of the latest ones fitted with accurate dirt and dust sensors that will alert you if there is any speck of grime left in the strands.


3. Noisy Or Silent Cleaning

How much noise can you tolerate from a vacuum cleaner? You should consider this matter when deciding on which machine to get. If you settle on a noisy vacuum, then it is likely to affect your willingness to clean make you detest the device. So, you need something that produced the least sound and if it can run quietly and smoothly, the better.


4. Cleaning Pet Hairs

If you have a furry pet, it is likely to leave fur everywhere -from the sofas to the carpet. The pet hairs that shed off are often very light and thus can be carried by air or even clothes to other parts of the house. Moreover, the fur can lead to allergies in some of the family members. Furry animals will groom themselves, a natural thing that you cannot scold them for doing. So, instead of chasing the animal off the furniture and carpet, invest in a vacuum cleaner to help you get rid of the pet hairs. Some vacuum models have a hair-removing feature that makes them ideal for dealing with loose pet fur and human hair around the house.


5. Easy To Manage

Most people prefer vacuums that they can use while standing and that have adjustable handles and are easy to store away according to Floor Executives. Such devices eliminate the need for bending over when cleaning and make it is to clean walls, stairs, and the ceiling. The best models can be adjusted in height to suit to meet the user's preference and with adjustable brush roll for effective cleaning. Most importantly, the vacuum cleaner should be lightweight but with a sturdy build so that it can be moved or carried from one place to another with ease and is less prone to damages.


6. Filtration

Not every vacuum cleaner out there in the market can deliver deep cleaning let alone work on all surfaces. Nevertheless, all vacuum cleaners have a standard feature - a filter. The purpose of this feature is to sieve the particles the machine sucks up when cleaning surfaces and trapping them within while allowing an unrestricted airflow. In essence, the filters aid in air filtration to ensure the vacuum does not pollute the air as it cleans surfaces. Only buy vacuum cleaners that have HEPA filters because these reduce emissions thus protecting the user from harmful micro-particles that may cause asthma and allergies.


7. Vacuuming Bag

When looking for the ideal machine for home or office use, you will have to decide if you need one with a bag or without. The ones with bags can handle a high volume of cleaning compared to those without a sack. Moreover, you also should give some tough to qualities of the bag where you have options such as allergen protection and HEPA. And you should remember that the bags eventually get full thus the need to replace them after eight to ten weeks.


8. Controlling Suction

How effective a vacuum is in cleaning is a matter subject to its suction capacity. The more suction power it has, the better it will be for cleaning. You should look into this function giving preference to machines that have manually controlled suction. The more control you have over the suction power, the better it will be when handling the vacuum over different surfaces. For instance, the amount of suction needs to clean a wooden floor is not the same as when working on carpets or the upholstery. Too much suction force on specific materials and surfaces can damage them. Therefore, consider an upright vacuum cleaner that you can manually adjust the suction force when cleaning.


9. Power And Switch Configuration

Lastly, you should consider how you power and switch the vacuum on and off. With the upright vacuum cleaner, the switch should be in a convenient place such as the handle or any other accessible part that allow for the machine to be turned on and off using the hand or foot. As you look into this feature, also consider whether you want a vacuum with a cord to plug it up for power or a cordless one that runs on rechargeable batteries. If you want one with a cable, then consider the length, dexterity, and sturdiness of the wire.