Things to Do in San Diego: July 2015

The best events in San Diego for July

San Diego Comic Con 2015

Every year during the month of July our city becomes Insane Diego. Everyone within 100 miles knows Comic–Con will takeover the Gaslamp and Convention Center from July 8th through July 12th for five days ofcrazed fun. Over 140,000 tourists descend on San Diego, dressed in costumes ranging from Zombies to Star Trek and everything in between. And tickets? They sold out in mere minutes months ago. 

Over on Fiesta Island, July 11th–12th & 18th–19th marks the 62nd Annual Over–The–Line Tournament, presented by the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club. This is San Diego’s largest beach event of the year, known for its racy team names (of which not too many could be printed in these pages), sand, sun, food and lots of beer! This is OMBAC’s major fundraiser of the season; the proceeds from OMBAC’s activities and events have supported a wide range of local, national and international beneficiaries. There are just a few rules to follow at OTL: The No “B”s: No Bottles, Bicycles, Bowzers (dogs), Babies, Boas, Bad Attitudes or Battles (fighting).

On the weekend of July 24th—26th, over 90 film crews will be dashing about the country shooting for the 48 Hour Film Project, or the “48.” This film competition is held in 130 cities across the nation. Teams have just 48 hours to complete a short film once they have been assigned a random genre (drama, comedy, silent film or any other of the 14 possible genres). At 6:57 PM on Friday evening, the teams are given a character name, a prop and a line; at 7:00 PM it’s game on and you have 48 hours to write, shoot, edit, score, post and render in the export format on disc. These films are then screened (this year at the Reading Gaslamp from August 10th—13th in 6 groups) with the top 3 going to Filmapalooza, a competition of the top 3 films from the 130 cities. From there, the top 10 of Filmapalooza head across the pond to the short film program in Cannes Film Festival to compete against the top 10 from the International 48 HFP (4 years ago a local won this Festival). This is 48 hours of sleepless insane fun. I have participated in this for the last five years and can’t wait for this one

So, now you know where I’ll be on the weekends this month. But let’s not forget the Summer Pops at the Embarcadero, Shakespeare at the Old Globe, the opening of the track in Del Mar and all the other exciting events playing across our county. Check our calendar for all the listings, it’s a great line up!