Things you need to know before hiring a real estate agent

Hiring a real estate agent

A real estate agent can simplify the process of buying and/or selling a house. Keep a few things in mind before you hire an agent. 

  1. Choose a professional, not a friend- things get complicated when friendship mixes with work.  It’s better to keep both separate. Of course, if your friend has been in the business for a long time and has a track record, then consider it. But only after you make terms and conditions very clear. 

  2. Meet with more than one real estate agent- just like with any other work, make sure that you do a thorough search. You may use referrals or go online to find information. Once you’ve shortlisted potential agents, have meetings with them to find out what your vibe is like. This interview should be conducted like any other job interview. 

  3. Ask them the important questions- it’s absolutely okay to ask an agent about their qualifications, their years of experience, what kind of projects they normally work on, references, and their affiliations with real estate guilds. The clearer you are, the better it will be in the long run for you. 

  4. Choose someone current- by this, we mean someone who is up with technology and the like. There are so many online tools that you can choose from, and the agent’s knowledge of them is imperative. This could help you speed up the process and avoid delays in the process. 

  5. Do a site visit- if it’s possible, go along with the agent on a site visit and see how they speak of the property. This will help you make decisions about their approach and whether it works for you or not. 

  6. Working hours and style- find the working hours and working style of the agent that you plan to hire. If you’re working, then their availability on the weekend will be helpful. In fact, most open houses take place on the weekends. It also helps to find out how often they respond to emails and phone calls. You wouldn’t want to be infringing on their private time, and at the same time, would like work to happen at a realistic pace. Find someone whose style works the best for you in terms of time and allotment of time. 

  7. List price to sales price ratio is important- this ratio is market-driven. But it is in your best interest to find an agent who fights to give you a sale price that is lower than the list price. So check for ratios. This is not the only criteria for the selection of the agent, but it’s an important one. 

Commission percentages differ from agent to agent. At websites like the agent gets the commission in its entirety. While this may mean a higher fee for you, it will also involve a higher level of properties and places to see. This will help you get to a property of your choice a lot faster, if you think about it. Finding the right real estate agent is imperative to the quality of your experience.

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