Three Generations of Outstanding Japanese Cuisine & Service 

North County’s Longest Running Japanese Restaurant Hits The Bullseye

Irene Pflaum

A beckon of comfort blankets you when Samurai Japanese Restaurant comes into view. You know there won’t be any unwelcome surprises or bizarre menu changes that leave you angry. That’s right, Samurai makes sure that “ahh, I’m in my happy-place” feeling is precisely as it should be- inside their restaurant of friendly faces and on their plates of seriously delicious food. The combo has a reputation that’s seen thousands of contented diners throughout nearly 40 years. And for good reason. Samurai has it all- multiple sushi bars, an area where entrees are sliced and diced in front of your eyes, main dining room and a cocktail lounge. The cuisine is as fresh as it comes and served with impeccable recipes of deliciousness.  

In fact when it first opened, the Japanese community was so small that sushi chefs were hard to come by! So David Song, father of the present owner, Charlie Song, traveled to Japan to recruit the appropriate chefs. The result was a restaurant with sushi so outstanding and in demand, that it had to expand to accommodate their increase of diners. Indeed, when they first opened their doors in 1979, Samurai was the first Japanese restaurant in San Diego’s North County. Today they are the place everyone in North County still turns to for consistently excellent cuisine. 

To the delight of San Diegans, we find Samurai greets three generations of customers- many who have become like extended family. 


979 Lomas Santa Fe Drive 

Solana Beach, CA. 92075

(858) 481 0032