Tips: 6 Must Have Travel Accessories

[Updated] Packing guide for your next travel destination.

ViX Swimwear Morocco Bikini

Our pick of the lightest, smallest and most effective products to help your holiday run smoothly.

ViX Swimwear

We have La Jolla resident Paula Hermanny to thank for the über-sexy ViX swimwear line. Named for Hermanny’s beach-city hometown of Vitória, Brazil, ViX’s designs are crafted for the jet-setting woman who represents everything there is about style. The Morocco Bikini fits like a slinky glove—in a good way—and conjures up the mystique of North African cities using leather strap details and gold studs. The flirty Royal Vintage Tunic is a bold and luxurious blue. Equally flowing and provocative, this cover-up provides just enough coverage for the summer heat. For more information visit:

iPhone 6 Gold Select 2014

Apple iPhone 6

[updated] The iPhone 6 is the most amazing model yet, packed with incredible new features including Apple’s A8 chip with 64-bit. To get the most on the road, download these top free travel apps on your way to the airport: Hotel Tonight (for last minute deals on hotels), Seat Guru by TripAdvisor (for seat maps, flight status tracker and flight searches), World Customs & Cultures (for tips on communication and cultural taboos) and HipGeo (a travel blog, trip journal and photo diary). For more information visit:

Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation

Juice Pack Powerstation by Mophie

Keep your technology running while on the road with one of the most powerful external battery sources available on the market. Mophie’s Juice Pack Powerstation boasts a 4000mAh battery, which can be used for any USB-enabled device, including smart phones and tablets. Perfect for the on-the-go traveler, the power station comes in two colors—the limited edition (PRODUCT) RED and a black, soft-touch finish.

Sunglasses by Scheyden

Providing the ultimate in optical clarity and comfort, these Scheyden sunglasses are a must-have for jet setters. Utilized by U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, elite private pilots, air racers, yachtsmen, fishermen, Tour players and other sportsmen, these ultra-lightweight glasses look great while eliminating incoming side light.

HD Action Camera By Drift Ghost-S

HD Action Camera by Drift

Adventurers need the Drift HD to capture their moments with crystal-clear footage.  We love the integrated LCD screen for shot setup and playback, as well as the wireless remote control, which lets you to film what you want to record—and not the dull stuff in between. Boasting nine mega-pixel still photography, a replaceable rotating lens and high-def video settings, the Drift is one of the most feature-rich, multi-functional action cameras on the market. For more information visit

Wine Duo By Bottlewise

Wine Duo by Bottlewise

Protect that bottle of cherished wine or gourmet olive oil with the Bottlewise Duo LX, the most innovative luxury wine carrier protection system on the market. Crafted with top grain leather throughout, the padded design allows for liquid-tight storage of two bottles. For more information visit:

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