Tips For A Cleaner And Greener Home


Doing one's part to help preserve the environment once entailed merely separating plastic from paper when throwing your trash into the recycle bin, however, nowadays there are way more things that can be done if you intend on creating a cleaner and greener home. Soaring energy costs, global warming and a plethora of other environmental issues make the front page of the news almost every day and having an eco-friendly household means conserving any natural resources both however and whenever you can. It also means you are making some adjustments to your lifestyle.


One adjustment that's arguably the first thing most people start with is reducing their use of chemical-based cleaning products. For instance, your carpets and upholstery usually don't need that much product used on them when cleaning is concerned and an experienced, high-quality cleaning company will know this all too well. Anyway, products that have a lot of chemicals in them have some drawbacks. They can trigger health complications, they're often times pricey, and their disposal, use and manufacture most times really hurt the environment. Anyway, back to why we're here. Let's take a look below at how you can make your home both cleaner and greener.


1. Make Use Of Lemons


These little gems can act as your very own natural cleaners. They have powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties. They're also natural deodorizers because of the high-acidic content they're commonly known for. Some ways you can make use of the cleaning properties of lemons is when you want to bring back the shine to your copper pans. Pour some baking soda or salt onto half a lemon and then begin to scour your pots and pans with that said lemon until the utensils reach their former glory. Another way you can use lemons during cleaning is by using them to help you wipe off any stains on your plastic containers. Also, if you want some fresh air in your home, you can mix a bit of lemon juice and vinegar in a small dish or container and that will help absorb bad odors in and around where the mixture is placed.


2. Using Cloths Rather Then Cleaners


If you can avoid using cleaning products altogether and then start using microfiber cloths (which are designed to attract dirt) in their stead, you'll be well on your way to achieving that greener and cleaner home. When used slightly damp, these cloths have the ability to clean almost any surface and these include ceramic, wood, brass, stainless steel and glass surfaces. When they're dry, they produce naturally positive charges which help them attract dirt and dust. These cloths can be used several times over. All you need to do is to wash them after each time you used them. Oh, and if you feel you just can't do without your store-bought cleaners try finding yourself some eco-friendly alternatives.


3. Use Durable And Recycled Products


Use reusable razors instead of the disposable kinds. That's a great start don't you think? And, a pretty easy one at that too. Switch out your paper plates and plastic cups for ceramic dishes. Try and always opt for food containers that can be reused over plastic wraps. Also, when choosing batteries, pick the rechargeable ones over the more common and conventional single-use types. Now, when it comes to buying recycled goods, read the product labels carefully and look for items that have a high percentage when it comes to post-consumer recycled content. Furthermore, buy food items, the likes of crackers and cereals, that have been packaged using recycled cardboard.


4. Use More White Vinegar


We've already mentioned vinegar once in this article, but, the truth is, we should have done so even more. Once is nowhere near enough and that's why we're here. A weak acetic acid in nature, white vinegar can be used in a plethora of ways when home cleaning is concerned, and this is in large part because of the strong antibacterial features it has. When you dilute vinegar in water, that mixture becomes a very effective stain remover that has the ability to clean a wide variety of textures. It is also a fantastic natural deodorizer. It can be mixed with several other natural products, for instance, lemon juice, to help instantly transform it into a natural air purifier. Vinegar can help you expel the strong odors left behind by garlic, onions and fish.


5. Household Hazardous Waste


Inside almost every home's kitchen sink cupboard, basement or garage is bound to lurk a few harmful substances, the likes of old electronics or computers, used batteries, weed killers and garden pesticides, used motor oils, old paint cans, pest cleaners, or harsh cleaning chemicals and so and so forth. When you dump noxious stuff such as these down the drain, you're likely to be contributing to the pollution of the water supply. Don't use landfills to dispose of all that waste either because dangerous chemicals will eventually end up getting leaked. Instead, take some time and research on ways you can best dispose of the toxic waste found in your house. You can seek the assistance of your local government if you want to learn more.


6. Using Baking Soda


Like lemon, baking soda is another natural cleaner that mother nature has given us. Also commonly referred to as sodium bicarbonate, this happens to be a mild alkaline component that can function as a gentle deodorizer, abrasive and so much more. Mixing water and baking soda into a thick paste can be used to remove surface rust. A combination of the two that's more liquid in nature can be used as a light all-purpose cleaner that can prove very effective when taking on grease stains.


House cleaning can sometimes be a pain and it's not something most people want to spend their free time doing. With that said, many of those same people you'll find still want homes that are green and clean. Making this happen by yourself can prove to be a tall order, however, that doesn't mean it can't be done. Nonetheless, in this fast-paced world that we live in today, there's no doubt that free time is getting harder and harder to come by. You might just have to consider the help of professional cleaning services. Let them bring that green and clean to your home.