Tips In Making Your Own Backyard More Enjoyable

Upgrading your backyard should rank in your list of a-must-do things this summer. Homeowners often aspire to make their backyards as attractive as possible, however, at times they run out of options or they're just spoilt for choices. If you want your kids to enjoy the best of games and outdoor activities without having to roam from one neighborhood to the other; we’ve got you covered.



Here are some of the astoundingly awesome ideas that can shed some light on your abandoned or rather dull and uneventful backyard.

Build a Rope Course or Rope Bridge

Obstacle courses can be fun for kids and adults alike. Rope courses and rope bridges not only engage the mind but also stimulates a number of muscles in the body making it a great exercise for balance and stability. If you are an outdoor enthusiast and this idea piques your interest, you should absolutely exploit your skills and make the best out of the heavy-duty ropes.


For safety purposes, the rope bridges should lie low enough so as to avoid injuries in case of a fall. Once your kids have mastered the basic balancing exercises, you can advance them into the more challenging rope courses. To make it even more exhilarating; you can bring in logs, towers & bars and add them to the rope exercise. From here, you can come up with a giant ladder, a single line bridge, a pipe bridge or even the cargo net.

Design an Inflatable Pool Fountain

A DIY pool fountain in your backyard can be a great way to create that eye-catching sight right in the heart of your home. It doesn’t have to look very perfect, provided it’s working fine and serving the purpose. If you’re not good enough in the art and craft of DIY services, you can consult a local designer to make this project a success. A 3-level water fountain, for example, won’t cost you a lot of money. Some of the things you’ll need are; an inflatable paddling pool, water pump, PVC, buckets, 4/6-head spray head, wood, glue, tarpaulin, and paint.

Create a Mini Golf Course

Playing Miniature golf is a popular summer pastime for many families and couples around the world. This play gives you the experience of real golf without years of practice, expensive equipment, strict rules, and questionable fashion choices. There are different designs of mini-golf courses and you can choose one depending on what you find to be easy and convenient. Since it’s your game, you can personalize the ideas for holes, the scoring, and even the rules. Regardless of how big or spacious your backyard is, you can always carve out the best of golfing experience.


Get a New Swing Set

Swing sets are some of the irresistible fun equipment your kids can’t afford to miss in the backyard. They are great for physical exercises and can be used by all, regardless of age. There are different types, designs, and brands of this equipment and choosing the best swing sets for small yards shouldn’t be much of a challenge. After creating enough space in the backyard, take the measurements and order the best set that suits your family needs. Some of the things to consider when buying a new set include; the average height of your children and the average length of their legs. This will make sure they aren't picking injuries, but enjoying the best of playtime.

Create a Swimming Pool Using Bales of Hay

Enjoying summer doesn’t necessarily mean camping on the beach while overspending on cocktails and high-priced sunglasses. You can personalize the swimming experience and bring it home with some little DIY skills. Using bales of hay makes the whole thing flexible since you can demolish it once summer is over and create space for something else. This style is cost-effective compared to the other techniques of building a seasonal pool, also, it uses reusable material, hence nothing goes to waste in the end.

Make a Leak-proof Water Blob

If you don’t have a swimming pool and can’t find all the materials to make a seasonal one, a water blob could be your best option. To make a water blob, you’ll need plastic sheeting, a duct tape, scissors, horse and water, etc. Before getting started, make sure to tape all the corners to avoid leaks and leave a small gap at the corner for the hose to fit. This should be done on flat ground so that the water bed is filled evenly. The kids will absolutely love it as they jump, lay or slide on the surface without getting wet. To make the play more fun, you can pair it with squirt guns and popsicles and this will keep them busy all afternoon.

Design a Summer Fairy Garden

Your backyard can be a great place to bring in the magic of miniature and adorable figurines, mini planters and other tiny creatures residing in the garden. One of the popular gardening ideas for the summer is the woodland fairy garden. Here, forested themed items such as dwarf plants and small leafed groundcover are incorporated in a shaded part of the secluded garden. Low growing herbs and beautiful pink summer flowers are the other plants to blend into the fairy gardens. A well-designed miniature garden in your backyard gives a green thumb and a lasting impression that lures fairies and good luck to your home.

Create a Willow Den

From simple imaginations to making it happen; a willow den is one the simplest DIY project you can launch in your backyard. Willow den isn't limited to children, you can also design a comfortable one using sizeable willow trees. Such structures serve all the aesthetic purposes, give your family a good place to unwind, and also teaches your kids more about gardening, outdoor plays and caring for the environment.


Summer comes with all the great things your family needs to enjoy a fun and memorable holiday. How you’re going to utilize this opportunity determines the most profound memories you’re going to instill in your children and family as a whole. The ideas above aren’t only entertaining to every member of the family, but also cheap to actualize.