Tips for Buying High-Quality Moving Leads for Your Business


Finding new customers can be the hardest part of the moving business. Even after perfecting their digital marketing campaigns, many business owners rely on paid lead generation services to help them get a steady flow of customers. Before you buy leads for your business online, read these tips to help you get the most out of your investment.


Take Advantage of the Lead Right Away


Before you start purchasing leads online, you need to have a good lead conversion strategy in place. Know exactly how the lead conversion process should flow and the possible challenges that can stop you from securing a sale. Perfect your website and your sales pitch. Train your customer service or sales team to answer questions about how you acquired the potential lead's information. If you are using a quality lead generation service, the potential lead will be expecting you to contact them.


Time is of the Essence


While most of the leads coming to you will be fairly fresh, you never know how long ago someone entered in their information. If you want to secure the sale, you need to be the first person to contact them and give them the pitch you practiced. Contact your potential lead as soon as it comes in to maximize your return on investment.


Be Specific about What You Want


While general moving services are popular, you should be as specific as possible when discussing your needs with a lead generation company. Paid services can filter out leads that are better suited for the type of moving services you have to offer.


Some examples include:


  • International movers

  • Car movers

  • Local movers

  • Full-service movers

  • Long-distance movers

The more specific you get, the more likely you are to convert the lead into a sale.


Know Where Your Leads Come From


When it comes down to it, you need quality over quantity. A lead won't do you any good unless it's from someone who is genuinely interested in the services you offer.


One of the best sources for moving leads doesn't just collect information from potential customers or online lists. Instead, they offer potential leads to service. People who search for moving quotes will find the main service page. The page will help the potential lead narrow down which services will best suit their needs, then the service passes the lead along to companies that can help.


Look for Something Adaptable


The moving business is always changing and you should never get stuck with a service that isn't helping your company grow. Some of the best low-cost lead generation services have no commitment or long-term contracts. This means that you can pause your services whenever you need to. This becomes especially useful when your company cannot fulfill requests due to scheduling or labor shortages. This is also useful for making changes in lead conversion strategies; simply pause the service and turn it back on after you have ironed out the details!


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