Tips for Choosing the Right Place to Live


“Home is, I suppose just a child's idea. A house at night, and a lamp in the house. A place to feel safe.”-  V.S. Naipaul

Everybody who has lived outside their childhood home knows the importance of it. It gives you warmth, comfort and is a refuge from the big bad world outside. I am not saying that you have to live a few years away to know the real importance of it; but when you do really miss it, you realize its true value. Much has been said about the importance of one’s home; most of it simple, yet profound.

When so much has been said about the importance of home; it only makes sense to be careful choosing a place to live for, especially someone who is looking to start a family. Young couples tend to think hard and make a careful decision because the house might be where their children grow up.


Here are a few tips and tricks that go in when choosing a house that might become your home:

  1. Locality- This might be even more important than the house you are going to live in. A manor on the outskirts of a city is not such a good option seeing that there would not be many neighbors to interact with or keep your children from getting bored. “They will need children their age to play with, and if you are choosing a quiet life in place of the hustle bustle of city; it might be that you are gaining something and losing some other thing in their place.” – says Alisha from ThanksForTheHelp


  1. House Structure- You might be willing to take a studio apartment or a house depending on the budget you have. Both are good options and all depends on the way you want to live and the money you would want to spend. You will have to first check the number of rooms you want and the spacing of places before settling in for a house.


  1. Availability of Utilities - You will have to check stuff around the place of residence that will be very important later on in life. There must be availability of transport, water, and connectivity all around the place. This one will be very important in determining the comfort of your home. “Utilities are very important in deciding a place to live for; the decision once made is set in stone, so you have to figure out all the workings before settling for a place.” – opines Megan from OnlineAssignmentWriting.


  1. The house map- One must see the floorboards and the way that place is made. It needs to be seen that the rooms are spacious enough and not one place in the house is dinghy, except for the basement. There must be plenty of sunlight in the winters and it should not get too hot in the summers. The plumbing of place must not be too crooked as that will lead to problems later on. I advise searching through all nooks and crannies before deciding a place to settle for.


  1. Expenses- There might be a chance that you find a place well-worth-it but that might be more expensive than other places to live. Keep in mind that you will need plenty of cash when you move in, as there would be tons of other expenses that you will have to take care of. “It does not make sense to go for a 25-year mortgage that would consume 40% of your salary and suck your blood dry by the time you are able to pay for it” – mentions Rob, a financial expert from BestOnlineAssignmentHelp.