Tips for Creating the Perfect Patio for Patio Parties

Patio Home Decor

Patio Home Decor

While it comes as no surprise that one of America’s all-time favorite summer activities is hosting patio and pool parties, many homeowners haven’t quite gotten up to speed with creating the perfect atmosphere to entertain in. Therefore, if this is your summer to design and build the perfect patio, here are a few tips that will help you create and host the best patio party your friends and family have ever attended.

Assess How You Will Be Spending Your Time

One of the biggest mistakes many homeowners make is in spending money on features they will have little to no use for, or will grow bored of over the years. For example, an in-ground pool is perhaps the number one needless expense in the entire country with pools having become a status symbol over the years, with families only spending a handful of days splashing about in the water.

Therefore, if you spend the majority of time on your patio barbecuing, wouldn’t it make more sense to spend your money creating the best-equipped barbecue pit rather than on a pool that requires thousands of dollars on maintenance each year? 

If an outdoor stove sounds great to you, companies such as have found a home here in the USA. Fine Italian outdoor stoves and ovens are the focal point for an outdoor kitchen, and when you serve up some of the best oven roasted or smoked barbecued meats on the face of the earth, you’ll understand why you are being advised to steer clear of pools for the sake of having a pool. 

Design Your Patio for Multiple Activities

Another tip for the perfect patio is to create one that smoothly transitions from activity to activity. For example, let your kitchen area transition to an assortment of outdoor tables and chairs which then transition to the garden area. Considered a Western version of Feng Shui, the point is to make your patio flow in a logical progression. Patio design is an art, so don’t get caught up in the ‘more is better’ trap. Design your entire garden to work with how you will be spending your time. 

Keep It Green 

Speaking of a garden area, one of the things you will need on your patio is an assortment of plants. From flowering vines to potted succulents, strategically placed greenery lends the perfect air to patio parties. However, a focus on conservation is also important. Instead of hosting parties where everything is served up on paper plates and beverages in Styrofoam or plastic cups, it pays to invest in tableware that can be reused season after season. Additionally, heavy duty stoneware is always nice, and it’s usually dishwasher safe.

So if you are planning to create the perfect patio for hosting the perfect patio parties, remember to spend your money where your heart is. This to consider is whether you and your friends spend more time eating than swimming, and whether you host cocktail parties more than any other party. From a tiki bar to an outdoor kitchen, these are things you might want to invest in and leave the pool to those who really intend to use it. 

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