7 Tips for Getting Your Wardrobe Refreshed for Spring

Spring is the season for renewal, so why not give your closet a refresher? Even if your budget doesn’t allow for many new purchases, there are ways to pep up the items you already own and look completely on trend. 

Get ready to liven up your wardrobe for the festive spring season with these tips from fashion industry insiders.

Rearrange Your Closet

Before you make a trek to the nearest shopping center, go through your closet. Rearrange the items so that the winter clothing is tucked in the back for now and the spring attire is front and center. While you’re at it, you can use the opportunity for a little spring cleaning. 

Once you’ve taken an inventory of what you own, decide on a few new items that can update a variety of spring outfits. A yellow belt or bag with floral accents are good examples of accessories that can freshen up almost anything you wear. 

Break Out Your Sunday Best

One of the defining features of the spring season is shedding the bulky coats and donning our Sunday best. Easter, graduations and weddings are all reasons to invest in a few dressier pieces for spring. 

Look for clothing that’s easy to maintain during a day of events, like wrinkle free dress shirts that wick away moisture. The goal is to create a pulled together look that’s still casual enough for spring. As always, it’s a good idea to stick to classic designs if you’re purchasing a blazer or pair of slacks that you plan to wear for years.

Shine Those Shoes

Now that the nasty winter weather has passed you can slip on your good shoes. A professional shoe cleaning and shining can completely restore your favorite footwear. It’s the perfect way to shake off the cold season and step into the warm, inviting spring. 

Tailor Pieces You Already Own

Like the seasons, our bodies change. Spring is when many people are shedding the winter weight. Getting fit could affect the fit of the spring clothes you already own. Rather than trying to replace the pieces, a local tailor can adjust an inch here and an inch there to make clothing fit like a glove.

Fit is something that fashion experts like Andy Dunn take seriously. Dunn helped set his menswear line Bonobos apart from competitors by focusing on great fit. When an outfit is tailored to your body it can look like a new ensemble altogether, which is the perfect way to start fresh this spring.

Buy Something Cotton

Spring is all about light, airy feelings. There’s no better way to capture that sensation with your wardrobe than by wearing cotton clothing. Clothes that are 100% cotton are lightweight and very breathable. This allows air to move across the skin more freely, leaving you with a fresh feeling. 

Purchase Your Swimsuit for the Season

Now is the time to start trying on different swimsuit styles. If you have a goal to get your beach body in shape by summer a new suit can be great motivation to keeping working. Also look for a coverup that can double as outerwear. 

Explore the Color Spectrum

Outside nature is bursting with color. Flowers in every color are beginning to bloom and the sun is shining more brightly. Set aside the dark winter color palette and step into the light with softer shades.

Pastels are the popular go-to for spring. Pale yellow, powder blue and lilac are reminiscent of the delicate petals emerging in the garden. Clean, crisp white is also being worn on a regular basis once it warms up. 

Don’t be afraid to play around with playful spring prints. Blue stripes are a classic print, especially for nautical-inspired clothing. Floral and fauna prints are also common during the spring season since they reflect the bountiful nature that’s springing up everywhere.


Get your wardrobe out of hibernation by using the tips above to clear out the winter clothes and make way for casual yet sophisticated spring outfits.