Tips for Making Your Home Green and Beautiful

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Make Your Home Green

Going green is not a trend but a necessity as we do, after all, have just one planet to live on. As small as our footprint may be, if we all do our part, the environment may just become a bit cleaner and healthier to live in for everyone. Turning our own homes into environmentally friendly little abodes is a great way to get started on the journey, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style and aesthetics though. Check out the following tips with will help you not only turn your current home green, but also make it more beautiful without having to break the bank.

Go Solar

Before you start complaining about the cost of installing a photovoltaic grid at home, rest assured that we are not talking about that here. Instead of getting an entire solar panel system (which is energy efficient, but still very expensive), invest in useful and inexpensive solar appliances like solar geysers, solar lights and solar chargers. You will be surprised at how liberating and satisfying it is to not be dependent on your electricity supplier for a change. You could also save a lot of money on your electricity bills if the majority of your heating is done off the grid. Additionally, they look very cool with their futuristic, and mostly wireless, design.

Alter Your Home Lighting System

If you are still using old incandescent light bulbs anywhere in your home, it’s time to shift to more power-efficient options like LED, CFL or at least halogen incandescent lights. Apart from consuming less power and saving money, they offer a lot more variety and customization when it comes to setting up your home lighting system. The versatile décor factor alone warrants a change in your lighting system if you are still using these outdated bulbs for some reason. MIT is working on a new variety of the traditional incandescent bulb, which could turn out to be even more power-efficient than LED lights!

Invest in Building a Smart Home

Although modernization is the prime reason behind the current deteriorating condition of the planet, it is also the only way to stop or at least slow down the degradation. A smart home done right is a beautiful green home as well. Consider the following options that can save the environment, lower your bills and improve the overall living quality of your home through the use of modern technology.

  • A smart thermostat can turn your HVAC system on/off automatically to maximize power-efficiency
  • The bioethanol used as fuel in a bioethanol fireplace is a sustainable source of energy and produces no smoke at all
  • Green roofs look lush, gorgeous and they keep the house cool in hot climates among other things

The trick to building a green home is taking the necessary time. You don’t have to do everything on this list at once, and you don’t even have to do everything on this list at all. What matters is that you take a few positive and determined steps towards making your lifestyle more eco-friendly. It could be a long process, but you have nothing to lose!

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