Tips for Setting Up Your Space for the Best Customer Experience

Every business that relies on physical locations, such as retail stores, outlets and showrooms know how important impressions are. From the very first to the last impression, your customers will construct their overall experience with your business. That's why it's very important to impress them the right way and ensure their engagement. That engagement can easily turn into conversions and sales.

That's why your space must look exceptionally well, in order to encourage customers to stay and explore further. The fact of the matter is that physical locations have difficulties competing against online stores. If you wish to win over customers who prefer to browse and shop online, you must provide them with a truly seamless experience. With that in mind, here are a few tips for setting up your space for the best customer experience.


Understand your customers

The essence of customer experience at a physical location is the journey. You may not have to worry about website speed and design that will influence customer experience. Instead, you must focus on the customer journey within your space. In order to give customers what they want and meet their expectations, you must take the time to research your customers and understand them well.

Try to find out as much as you can about them. For example, what are their needs, expectations, preferences and demands? Also, find out more about their demographics as well. That way you can design your space and categorize your products so that the journey will be truly exceptional and so that you can guarantee the best customer experience possible.

Focus on the design

The well-known secret in the business world, both offline and online, is that first impressions matter the most. As an example, it only takes about 50 milliseconds for consumers to form first impressions. If they're not satisfied with that they see by then, they'll simply leave.

That's why the design of your space is a very important factor in creating a unique customer experience. Furthermore, it won't matter how compelling your offers may be or what kind of discounts you offer if customers decide to leave your space as soon as they enter. Therefore, consider improving the design in every sense of the word.


For instance, if you're planning on building a new space, take design into consideration from the very start. That being said, if you're building a showroom or a retail outlet in Australia, consider hiring professional commercial builders from Sydney to help you with the right design. The more you focus on the design, the more customers you'll be able to attract and impress at first sight.

Encourage employees to help your customers

At a physical location, your employees are also customer service and support. It goes without saying that service and support are the most crucial factors in customer experience. If your employees are helpful and supportive towards customers, they'll easily ensure their satisfaction, which also contributes to the customer experience.

With that in mind, when hiring employees for your physical location, try to hire smart and find people with exceptional soft skills. Employees who understand the value of retail support will be able to ensure customer satisfaction and provide them with the right kind of experience. If your employees aren't able to interact with customers the right way, you won't be able to ensure the best customer experience, or even a good customer experience, for that matter.

Create a compelling offer

The customer journey begins with the first impression and ends with a possible sale. Providing the best customer experience serves the purpose of encouraging customers to buy from you, as well as to retain them and perhaps even ensure their loyalty. That's why it's important to create compelling offers that your customers will hesitate to miss out on.

Defining compelling will depend on your customers. You might implement proper discounts on products, offer coupons for next purchases, include gifts with purchased goods or develop cross-sell and up-sell promotions where you bundle products and services together to create a truly compelling offer. In any event, the more creative you are with your offers, the more engaged your customers will be.


In a world that's purely digital these days, having a physical location for your business such as a store or showroom seems like a wasted effort. However, no matter how digital the world becomes, consumers still prefer to go to stores and browse through products, if for nothing else than to try them out. That's why setting up your space is very important for providing the best customer experience possible.