Tips for Strengthening Your Intuition

We all have intuitive skills, and we can draw from them for protection, guidance, and self-development. Through our adult years, we may sometimes push intuition away and conform to the norms of our society, making us ignore our gut feelings. Like everything else in life that you do not use; you will lose it. Intuition needs practice; it is like a muscle that grows from strength to strength with regular use. Below are ways to work on your intuition for better results.

1.     Meditation

Several levels of consciousness may be attained through meditation. Beta refers to your normal level of consciousness, and Alpha refers to a state of relaxed awareness. Theta ushers in the meditative trance and delta will take you to the transcendental state. Of all the four mental states, Alpha makes you tap into your inner self and helps you learn how to interact, memorize, read your thoughts and emotions as well as those of others. Daily meditation makes you strengthen your alpha state, and therefore, you can control your intuition.

2.     The Cultivation of a healthy pineal gland

The pineal gland is found in your brain, and it regulates the circadian rhythm, which helps your mind enter the meditation state through the alpha state of consciousness. To get the most from this gland, you should:

·        Avoid fluoride – Fluoride eliminates the intuitive function by building upon the pineal gland, making it reduce or eliminate the intuitive function. Fluoride is found in our toothpaste, and even though we do not swallow our paste traces can be left in your gums and teeth.

·        Tune into your meditative state – Yoga, and meditation help you keep your intuitive balance. You can get more meditative lessons through the intuitive healing sessions Austin tx and open your third eye of meditation.

3.     Focus on the now

The gift of intuition needs you to keep the focus on the things in your present and not worry about your past or the future that you know nothing about. The past can bear lots of pain that may take over your mind and hinder your intuition. The future is full of worries that may bring fear and inhibit your meditative state. If you cannot focus on the present, your subconscious mind won't be able to interpret signals from your intuition.

4.     Connect with your higher self

Intuition is what makes you connect to the universe. Your inner self is always waiting for instructions and acts on what you want. If you give it mixed signals of despair and fear, then you take your intuition to dark places where it cannot help you or protect you. Think of your intuition as your GPS that helps you find yourself and can tap into its state of knowledge any time for guidance. Intuition influences how we speak and what we speak.

Each step mentioned takes practice to harness and intuitive healing if adequately used, can be like a magic wand that balances your state of existence.