Tips on How To Achieve That Luxurious Interior Design Without Spending Too Much

If you’re looking to make your home look like a million bucks without spending an enormous amount, you’re in luck! There are numerous simple and cost-effective ways to spruce up your living space while staying on a budget. Even a few simple changes can make the interior of your home look like you completed a full renovation. Here are seven tips to get you started.


If there’s only one thing you can do to your house, change the pain color. Giving walls a fresh coat of paint can provide an entirely clean, new look. Use modern, contemporary colors such as white, light gray, greige, or beige. These colors will go with nearly any style you choose, from modern to rustic farmhouse to shabby chic. If you need color ideas, take a look at some of the fantastic concepts presented by Allison Jaffe Interior Design.


Window treatments can add a lot of style to any room and can be sourced from relatively inexpensive places. Long window treatments provide an elegant style that aides in achieving a formal look for dining rooms and sitting rooms. Airy, sheer treatments allow plenty of light to enter while still providing a cohesive look for your room and house. Short treatments on smaller windows give the effect of having larger windows than you do.


If you’re going for luxury, furniture is a perfect place to add some style. To keep your expenses down, you don’t need to throw away your old furniture. Completely cover couches and overstuffed chairs with furniture slips for a fresh new look. Add oversized, plush pillows and to create a cohesive, luxurious feel. If you like to take on DIY projects, you can find excellent pieces of furniture with lots of life left at antique shops or flea markets. Simple refinishing or reupholstering can infuse new life into older pieces and provide you with unique furniture upgrades that cost you very little.



Small Details

You’ve heard the saying, “the devil is in the details,” and it couldn’t be truer than when it comes to interior decorating. Small details around your home provide cohesion and unity to the look of luxury you’re creating. Choose items such as upgraded hardware and drawer pulls for your kitchen, elegant curtain rods for your living room, and a plush headboard for your master or guest bedroom. You don’t have to incorporate these elements all at once. Start small and work within your budget.


The lighting in your home can make or break the overall look and feel you’re trying to achieve. Thankfully, this can be tackled one room at a time and accomplished even on a smaller budget. Rather than head to expensive lighting stores, instead turn to flea markets, second-hand stores, and buy-sell-trade pages on social media. Light figures can be found for a steal and made into truly extraordinary pieces with a little DIY know-how. The more unique, the better.


As everyone knows, the floors of your home go a long way in making a lasting impression both on full-time residents and guests alike. Hardwood, however, as beautiful as it may be, is often too great an expense to make a house-wide change doable. Alternatives to hardwood flooring are vinyl or laminate strips that look like hardwood. There are many options available on the market that look like the real deal but cost a fraction of the price of real hardwood.




Finally, add some carefully chosen accessories to finish the look of elegance and sophistication. Large ornate mirrors go exceptionally well in long hallways or oversized living rooms. A well-placed lamp, end table, or side table in your hallway can serve as a conversation piece for guests. Unique antique-style coffee tables that have been refinished to match the rest of your décor will tie a room together. Artwork on a wall can serve as a stunning focal point for your family room or a sitting area. Use your personality to bring your home to life with accent pieces and décor. Be sure not to go too overboard here and remember that a little goes a long way.