Tips on Not Gaining Weight during the Holidays

Holiday Healthy Treats

How to Avoid the Weight Gain over the Holidays


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Most people don’t want to gain any extra pounds over the holidays. Many spend a lot of time thinking about food throughout the day though. Some are tough, disciplined and don’t worry one bit about all the holiday “yummies” smelling and looking good around them. Honestly, we all belong to all three of these categories – not wanting extra weight, food thoughts often on our mind, and finally, we don’t really want frantically worry about the food we eat over the holidays, but fully enjoy it. There are ways to stick with the healthy look without stressing too much or working hard on that assignment.

Follow our healthy reminders for enjoying a tasteful holiday season without jumping into a size up:

Don’t Open Instagram or Pinterest Pictures of Food

That doesn’t include you looking for cooking ideas or recipes, it simply means don’t browse for hours when all you need is one or two recipe ideas. Since looking at a delicious food pictures may lead us to the fridge when we already ate lunch before noon, let’s try to avoid putting food images in our heads literally. This comes more as a pre-holiday tip which you should try practicing as often as you can.


Bring Healthy Food to Work Potlucks or Parties

If your office like potlucks or December holiday food events, offer to bring variety of fruit or a healthy dish so you wouldn’t overstuff yourself with sweets and unwanted food. That way you’ll be sure you’ll have the option to load your plate with tons of fruits or salad that won’t leave a lot of room for other foods.

healthy holiday food

Fight Off the “You Only Going to Eat That” Questions

People tend to look at each other’s plates at work, friend’s cookouts or cook-ins, or at a family dinner gathering. Make sure to get some ready steady answers for those insisting on sniffing around your plate and encouraging you to get more food. Try simply saying you’ll get the seconds later or that you’re still full from your previous meal. What others think has never been recommended to be our guidance anyway. Stay strong.

Do Your Best in Getting Your “Happy” Exercise

Not focusing too much on perfection, duration of cardio and strength, or other strict regime rules of our workout, will make us happy and want to do the activity we like longer. It can be anything from cleaning up the house vigorously (for all of those guests coming over), massaging your spouse (for more than five minutes), playing with kids actively whenever you get a chance too, or taking a walk at your break instead of browsing through your social media.

Don’t Make Drastic Changes with Your Diet

Experimenting with so many diet programs and switching from one plan to another can actually cause a contra effect and make you gain weight. Holidays are certainly not the time to try out some new diet restrictions, so skip a new plan your best friend recommends. It’s best if you can stick to the health plan that’s consistent and that works for you.

Taking a Nap/ Get Your “Zzz’s” Whenever You Can

All those studies emphasizing the importance of sleep should make you think taking a power nap is always good, no? Yes, go ahead and rest after a meal or when your energy level is low, but make sure not to do the rep of sleep and eat the entire day (or worst yet –the entire weekend). After charging your batteries with sleep, stretch and get a “happy workout” we mentioned above.


Don’t Eat Late!

You already know this! There is a big difference between overeating for lunch and “barely being able to breathe” from all the food you ate on a late night dinner. Make it a rule that you eat only a little bit if you get invited to a lot of holidays late-night feasts. Also, if you decide to go with doubling the cookies and pies then double your time of working out as well. Don’t overtreat your body with all the treats, holidays not a good enough reason to gain any extra weight.

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