Tips to Find a Water Fire Damage Restoration Ann Arbor MI Business for Your Needs

Fire incidents, plumbing issues, broken sewerage, and floods may cause severe fire and water damage to a residential or commercial establishment. That's why it's prudent to hire a professional water and fire damage remediation services to avoid causing further damages, such as mold buildup, severe structural damage, or building collapse.


Here are helpful tips when choosing fire and water damage restoration services so you could make the right decision.  


Choose a Local Company


It's not practical to hire a contractor that will take several days to arrive at your property. Time is essential when it comes to water and fire damage remediation because mold and fungus can develop fast, as early as two days. Mold manifestations would require a homeowner or building owner to hire a mold removal company aside from the cost of water damage restoration services.


If your furniture or valuable possessions are not salvaged in the soonest possible time, irreversible damage may occur. That's why hiring a professional contractor from your locality is a good idea. If you’re in Ann Arbor, MI, visit for more details.


Ask and Validate Credentials


Due diligence should be carried out even the mitigation process requires prompt action. Asking the contractor to present reliable evidence of certifications, licensing, and accreditation is crucial to your selection process.


Here are the credentials you need to look for:

  • Cleaning and Restoration Certificate or IICRC

  • Water Damage Restoration Technician Certification

  • Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Technician Certification

  • Odor Control Technician Certification

  • Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technician Certification

  • Business License

  • Construction Permit

  • Liability Insurance


Consider the Services Offered


Widespread and severe water damage may result after firefighting efforts, causing devastation to the property. The problems that may arise include mold, pest infestation, and odors. Look for fire and water restoration companies that can handle different issues, identify the damages, and resolve the root cause of the problem quickly, effectively, and efficiently. Choose a company that offers a wide range of water and fire damage remediation services and is available 24/7 to save you time, money, and effort.


Here are the services you need to look for:

  • Fire damage cleanup

  • Carpet cleaning and structural drying

  • Water emergency services

  • Flood work

  • Mold remediation

  • Cleaning and repairs

  • Odor and smoke elimination

  • Dehumidification

  • Sewage cleanups

  • Water extraction

  • Crawl space drying

  • Sanitization


Choose a Trusted and Reputable Company


It's essential to choose a company with an established reputation when it comes to remediation services. A good track record, years of experience, and excellent services make sound bases in the right decision making.


Here are some ways to find out if a water and fire damage restoration business is trusted and reputable:

  • Visit the website of your prospective service provider and find out more about the company, services offered, and customers' testimonials.

  • Check the track record or any complaints filed from previous clients with two sites of Better Business Bureau (regional or state and the national BBB database), and search by the business' name, address, email, phone number, or website.

  • Check reviews at Yelp, which is the modern and online version of the Yellow Pages.

  • Running a Whois Search is also a good idea. Whois bears the official registration record of a particular organization's website. A new site or one that is set to expire soon might be a fly-by-night company. Beware of companies without an address or any contact information.

  • Ask the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system (EDGAR), which is a system that automatically collects information, validates data, and accepts submissions by individuals or companies, such as water damage restoration experts, required by the law to file forms with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


Hire Experienced Professionals


It's important to hire experienced professionals for a more organized and successful remediation operation. Experts who have handled the worse water and fire damage mitigation situations learned from their experiences and more likely know what to do in such similar situations, as well as confidently resolve less complicated scenarios.


Here are some tips when assessing the experience of a water and fire damage restoration company:

  • Get at least three references from previous clients and make sure to call each to validate information.

  • Ask referrals from close relatives, friends, and acquaintances who have worked with your prospective fire and water damage remediation company.

  • Ask the employees or staff directly about their work experience and how long the company has been operating.  


Choose a Company That Provides a Detailed Contract


Read and check the contract presented by water damage cleanup companies. It should outline the services they will be doing, the date they expect to finish it, and the detailed costs. Before you sign anything, it's crucial to see the pricing structure first so you’re prepared to cover the cost.


While pricing can be a big deal, the quality of service should be the primary consideration in order to minimize additional losses. Further mess or damage may lead to more expenses from repairs and replacements.


Choose an Insured and Bonded Company


There might be unexpected or unavoidable eventualities during the fire and water remediation process. To avoid legal consequences or lawsuits, choose a company that is insured and bonded. Make sure that the company complies with all policies, standard operating procedures, and laws governing professional mitigation operations.


Also, consider the warranty or service guarantee offered by the company. A warranty usually covers materials and workmanship. Some companies offer limited warranty or warranty for specific conditions, parts, or defects, whereas others offer a lifetime warranty. Make sure to read the terms and conditions concerning the warranty coverage offered. This step is vital to ensure that everything you were initially promised is written on the contract or properly documented.




Applying these tips will help you come up with the best decision. The credentials, experience, services offered, reputation, and guarantee the company offers should help you narrow down your options. Choosing the right water and fire damage restoration company to handle your property will give you peace of mind and confidence that you're in good hands.