Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy

An interview with Ranch and Coast Esthetician Kimberly Runnings

Kimberly Runnings of Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery

I’m sitting with Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery’s esthetician, Kimberly Running.  Selfishly, I am bubbling with excitement to hear her in depth review of her experience with the Veridatta line. Kimberly is one of the most well-versed skincare product junkies west of the Mississippi, and I know she is going to tell it like it is. Her reputation precedes her as Del Mar’s most trusted and experienced authority of medical grade skincare treatments and I’m thrilled to be sitting with her.  

What is the biggest skincare concern for people this time of year?

Sun damage. The sun darkens the pigmentation of the skin creating “sunspots” or “age spots” and fortunately, there are many treatments that can be done to lighten the skin and maintain even tone. I typically focus on these types of programs in October through December. 

Do you have a set protocol for sunspots and sun damage?

Every person is different. I look at three things while creating the program. First is skin type. There is a big difference in what I can do if someone is light skinned or dark skinned. Second is cost, and third is social downtime. Depending on what a client wants and can afford in money and time is what determines the protocol.  Tips to keep your skin healthy.

What does a typical sun repair program look like? 

It depends on the skin type. A lighter skinned person, I start with a chemical peel.  For some people, this is the most cost effective treatment and can take care of all the sun damage. Typically I will do three chemical peels and three IPL’s. 

For all of our readers that do not know, what is a chemical peel?

A skin resurfacing technique in which a chemical solution is applied to the face to remove the outer surface layers of skin. There are different strength peels and they each do a different thing depending on how deep you are going. These treat sun damage, brown spots, uneven skin tone and acne. 

Do you do peels on every client?

I definitely do not. Peels are no joke. If someone is dark skinned, I will not go near a peel because they have more melanin in the skin and a peel will actually bring more melanin to the surface and create a darker appearance of the skin. Even with any skin type, you have to be really careful to not pass the dermis and enter into the papillary dermis because that will increase pigmentation or cause post inflammatory pigmentation.  

What does post inflammatory pigmentation look like?

Right after the treatment, the face looks bright and healthy but about a month later, the production of melanin increases and a person’s face becomes 10 times darker than before the treatment. Skin care is a science and there is a ton of responsibility when it comes to a person’s face.   

Truth Serum inhibits melanin productionWhat is IPL?

It stands for Intense Pulsed Light and it is a laser treatment. I use is most commonly for lightening sunspots, decreasing red capillaries and to increase collagen production.    

What are the best ways to maintain these treatments and continue the improvement of the skin from sun damage?

Two ways. The first is home care. I am in love with your Truth Serum because it inhibits melanin production and helps to keep sunspots from reappearing immediately after the chemical peel and IPL treatment. 

The second is using a sun block that is a broad spectrum SPF. I am specific in saying “block” because for true anti-aging sun protection, a sunscreen needs to be a physical block to not only UVB, the burning rays, but UVA as well. Chemical sunscreens which feel luxurious when applied, absorb the UVA rays which increase the production of melanin. 

It’s quite a conundrum because the chemical sunscreens saturate the shelf space because they smell good and feel nice but they really don’t protect the aging of the skin. 

Yikes.  Well, you have instilled even more inspiration and momentum into the development of Veridatta’s sunscreen.  

From all that I have gathered, it seems there are easy, non-invasive techniques to rid the face of sun-spots, or age spots as people call them.  And, the products available on the shelf are complementary to these methods and help to maintain even skin tone in between laser and chemical peel treatments. 

Yes that’s correct. 

I can’t help but ask.  Which products of the Veridatta line are you enjoying?

I am obsessed with Skin Tight. I would like to drink it. Can I buy it by the gallon?  I spray it all day long.   

Sure!  But don’t drink it.   

And the scrub, I love it. The smell, the texture… yum.  

~  It was a Saturday morning spent filled with the giggles that only skin care fanatics would understand.  We agreed that the conversation would continue as the seasons change and so do the needs of our skin. 

You can receive all of the treatments above by contacting Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery along with the Veridatta products in Del Mar.