Tips to Maximizing Your Unused Garage Space


Owning a garage provides a lot of benefits in your life. First and foremost, you have protection for your car, which is the primary reason why people get a garage. Outside of having a weatherproof area of your house to store your vehicle, the garage is a handy place to store the majority of your tools and other things that you need in a secure location. Garages provide a lot of convenience for our lives, but what about when they start to become a burden?


The double-edged sword that comes with having a garage is that it can often become a crowded place where you start piling up the garbage, useless items and let it become an overrun mess. This happens to a lot of us, so you are not out of the ordinary. The unused space of your garage can be filled with a mess, or it can be used in a very smart way. 


These tips will help you maximize that unused space for things that give you more out of this space than just somewhere to keep your unused stuff.


Garage heater

If you live somewhere cold it can be freezing when you have to run into the garage to grab something. Even in warmer climates, the cold concrete can be uncomfortable if you are just having to go in for a few minutes in socks or bare feet. Thankfully, using garage heaters relieves that problem and provides some much-needed comfort. The extra space you have can be used to install a garage heater to keep this part of your home from feeling like a cold dungeon. Many garage heaters are ceiling installed, which keeps them out of the way of most of your stuff, and they come in a wide range of power sources (electric, natural gas, propane) that can fit your needs. Certainly, a good way to utilize any unused space.

Storage units

The most common thing to use a garage for is storing tools or things you have no room for inside the home. The problem is that we often just chuck them in a corner and forget about them. With storage units, or storage bins/cabinets, you can organize all of your tools to make sure that it is no longer just a mess sitting in your garage. This can help you create a much more fluid place, especially for those that have turned this area into a workspace (more on that later). Tripping hazards can be a result of letting garbage or mess overflow, so storage also provides some unlikely safety benefits. 


Similarly, if things are put away with care, they are more likely to last in terms of condition too. All in all, unused space can be a good place to put in some good storage options.


Creating a workshop


As mentioned, the unused space of a garage is a perfect place to transform it into a workshop. If you are handy with tools but have little space to work with, then a garage really is a good place to do so. It likely has a drain to wash any mess off, it is an area that you are not concerned with getting messy anyways, it already holds most of your tools, and you are close to your car, if that is what kind of work you like to do. It is a natural fit for making a workshop in, and that the use of storage units from the previous topic makes it a very practical space. 


Having a bunch of unused space is kind of counterproductive, as you want to utilize as much as you can for your home. Especially in a garage, which is usually underutilized as a space to be productive. Garage workshops do not need to be excessively impressive either. Workbench and tool storage are really the only two things that are necessary, and from there you can add as you go or as space permits. Things like lights are additions that you can likely fit into your plans to improve it as a work area.

Leisure space

Even if you do not use your garage for your car, or it is big enough, you can always turn it into a leisure/recreational room or space. Adding a TV, some chairs or even a foosball table is a good way to make use of the space and have an area of the home to kick back and just enjoy some sports or quiet time. Now, not everyone has this much-unused space, so this idea kind of depends on the size of your garage or on how much you use it. In any case, this is one option that a lot of people choose.

Workout room

Lastly, and adding on to the idea of leisure space, many people also use that unused space of their garage to transform it into a makeshift gym. The hard concrete floor gives you a flat, level surface for gym equipment, and you do not need to be worried about disturbing your family inside the home either. Skipping rope, boxing bags or free weights do not need a massive amount of space to give you a good workout, so even if you do not have a significant amount of unused space, you can make do with just a little square footage. 


If you do have a lot of space, or you barely use that space of the garage, then you can go a little bigger and add a rowing machine, elliptical bike, treadmill, or other larger pieces of equipment. You can really get creative with space, and a home gym is a practical and healthy way to maximize that space.


As most homeowners own a garage, many also use it for things other than housing their vehicles. This space of the home can be very versatile, and these tips for maximizing that space really highlight that fact. Using your garage as a gym, workshop, or something as subtle yet important as installing a garage heater can really enhance this part of your home so you get the most out of every inch and enjoy it too.