Top 2016 Home Remodeling Designs

What's Hot in Home Design for 2016

Image by Eco-Home Remodeling

This season hosts some of the most open, but also loud and quirky, styles of home design for the year of 2016. From the kitchen, to bathrooms, to living rooms and fireplaces, you will be sure to find something within your taste. This year's designs will give your home the upgrade needed in order to impress family and friends and make your house a home. Here's what's trendy for home remodeling, sure to keep you feeling lively. 

Kitchens are a major part of the home. With everything that goes on in your kitchen, it's no wonder it is one of the biggest remodeling jobs! From cooking, entertaining, and hovering over the counter while having conversation, people love to hang out in the kitchen. One major thing that gets updated in many homes are the cabinets. This year, two-tone kitchen cabinets are the thing to do. Keeping the upper cabinets white or neutral for a timeless feel and then adding the color or pattern you love to the lower section is absolutely in style right now. As you go crazy with the lower cabinets, don't be afraid to play around with various wood tones and deep colors. This small change will be enough drama for any kitchen!

For more storage, try remodeling the drawers so that you replace lower cabinets with deep drawers in order to hold all those kitchen tools. Dividers and inserts now allow remodelers to organize for any shape or size. Try a new corner drawer or put one under a range top or kitchen sink. Kitchen layouts are becoming more open, so spatial identifiers like walls of cabinetry and full-sized appliances are fading away, with airy, fluid spaces replacing them.

If you want to get away from the color white, try mixing modern materials, finishes, and colors into the countertop or cabinets, such as butcher block countertops or soapstone near the stove. You can even use brick backsplash with concrete countertops or yellow ceramic tile to give the kitchen an “edge.” If you plan on remodeling that ungainly kitchen island that takes up too much space, then don’t forget that your island can be a very useful tool in the home. Take advantage of it and put in a prep sink or a deep storage compartment. If you want a piece that adds luxury to the kitchen, try swapping your old stove out for a steam oven or some warming drawers. The warming drawers allow cooks a little wiggle room when delivering hot meals to guest. Another feature that has become popular this year is the induction cooktop.

If your living room is in a high traffic area and you want a modern update, try using outdoor fabrics. Many designers are bringing what is normally on outdoor lawn furniture to the comfortable atmosphere of inside the home. Many outdoor fabrics are becoming more versatile and because of that, people are bringing the durable fabric inside. If you just want a subtle difference, then try putting your dining table on casters to allow different seating arrangements. This is one way to give the dining area a special element without overdoing it without making a big change that would require a lot of construction. 

Flooring always changes the look and feel of a place. This time, we are looking at extra-large tiles for our floor designs. This year kitchens and bathrooms are getting extra-large tiles for the new 2016 trend. These tiles are big (31 by 71 inches!) and therefore make a statement. It is a bold display, but it's an effective one. 

Living rooms have made a change this year too. With so many people logging in extra hours in front of the television, families are making the living room a place of respite, where they can calm down with a book or chat with friends. You can always make it more cozy with a fireplace in place of a big screen. Many new advances exist, so you do not need the hassle of pollution from traditional wood burning fireplaces in order to receive the ambience of a fire. 

Chances are if you are looking to remodel your home that you are invested in a major change, so why not be risky by adding some wallpaper or creating a light and airy kitchen space. This season, you can show off your creative side by changing everything from flooring to appliances to furniture covers. 2016 is leaving behind safe materials and bringing in new textures, so get ready to show off!