Top 5 Bedroom Lighting Mistakes That You Should Know

Do you ever know that lighting can enhance your excellency in life? do you ever know that there’s a lot of scientific examination that explains the bad sides of artificial lighting in your room? this will cause you serious problems such as mental emotions, inability to sleep, and a condition of being overweight. Of course with a better design, you can fix those problems.


This list will show you the most usual and regular mistakes that you do or some people do when about to light the room and how to fix it immediately.


Incorrect Color Temperature


The number one serious mistake of above all is to choose any light bulb without carrying about the color temperature of that lighting source. The color temperature can be warm, neutral, or cool.


The warm color temperature is commonly known as yellow light or sunlight. Warm light makes you feel natural and produced relaxation in your mind and body, as part of your natural circadian rhythm warm lighting makes your cells to relax and help you cool down when the day is over and if you’re ready to sleep. On the other hand, cool lighting color temperature helps us to be active and lively for performing a task. Cool light is used in spaces and during times when it’s appropriate to promote alertness and attention.


So to fix the first mistake be sure to check that the color temperature is between 2000 to 3000-kelvin degrees, commonly known as a day-low or warm white.


Not Having a Layered Lighting


You only have one light source, the sun changed constantly in a day. Our circadian rhythm shall be aligned with the characteristic of the sunlight. For our health and to maintain our inner clock align with nature.


So the artificial lighting in our interiors shall have the same movements and conditions throughout the day as the sun. It’s impossible to achieve with only a static bulb. So you need to have different lighting options that can change in day and night just like the natural lighting outside.


Ambient light in warm temperature to have an intimate, friendly, and personal atmosphere perfect to be used before sleep. Also, ambient lighting with a brighter and neutral temperature to be used in the day of the time that your kids are playing, doing their homework, or organizing your room.


You Only Have Ceiling Light


When the sun goes down it tells your circadian rhythm that you need to relax because the night is coming. If you observe where the sun is located at the sunset, you will see the sun is lower by the level of our visual angle. You shouldn’t reproduce only the color temperature of the sunset, you need to copy where the sunset is located regarding on your visual angle as well.


To recreate it is important to have table lamps, wall lamps, or hanging lamps in the level of your visual angle. Also, you could hang your lamps on storable wire shelves where you put your plastic storage baskets.


Lamps Without Protection Screen


Another mistake is using lamps without a screen, never use a lamp without a screen in your bedroom. One of the fundamental rules that you need to have in your mind is to choose soft lighting in your bedroom for your table, ceiling, floor, or wall lamp. So it shall have a screen to soften up the lighting shadow and contrast, creating a perfectly relaxing atmosphere.


Using Tech Devices Before Sleeping


Cellphones, tablets, computers, and other electronic gadgets have become such a huge part of our daily lives. It’s very hard to put them down even at that time, the blue light emitted by electronic devices restrained the production of the melatonin. The hormone that controls sleep and wake cycle or circadian rhythm reduced the melatonin and make it harder to fall asleep.


Avoid the use of electronic device moments before falling asleep. If you have a smartphone, iPad, or laptop you can probably change the brightness of the screen as the day is over to prepare and to connect with your natural lighting.




The high-quality design is more than a stylish view and how you become aware of it through your senses to enhance your life quality. Lighting is the key to perceiving the space.


So to fix the mistakes we shall have warm temperature color to induce relaxation on sleep, different lighting layers or intelligent light source to have a different lighting depending on the activities, lamps placed on our visual angle or lamps shall have a screen to soften up the light, and avoid to use electronic devices before sleeping.