Top 5 Best Video Compressor Online For Free

It is now an obvious fact that videos have now grown to become an integral part of almost every industry. From high-resolution made with your phone to high-end industry videos, there are definitely lots of videos out there for every video lover and movie fan to enjoy. 

However, the only issue here is getting to keep many video files on our devices. Having too many videos, especially large-file videos on our devices could eat up the storage space and cause them to start slowing down. So how do you go about reducing the size of those large 4k videos to safe storage space without compromising the quality of the videos? That is what this post is all about.

Here are the best video compressors available online for you to compress your videos without altering the quality. There are several compressors in the market that promise to help you achieve many things. But the issue is that while most of them only over-promise and under-deliver, some of them go for a huge cost. 

This list comprises of the best 5 free video compressors that can help you reduce the size of your videos or convert them from one format to another. So let’s see what each of them has got to offer! 

The Top Free Online Video Compressors to Reduce Your Video Size

#1: Wondershare UniConverter Online

There is a reason this tool is coming first. It is indeed the best video compressor you can use online to compress your videos. UniConverter comes with various amazing and unique features that will help you compress and convert your videos without breaking a sweat. It is very easy to use and comes completely free. With no cost or experience, you can use the Wondershare UniConverter to compress your videos without losing quality. 

It is super-fast, reliable, and allows you to convert videos in batch. Judging from personal experience and the reviews of several users of Wondershare UniConverter, the tool has no cons whatsoever, and that’s what made it the leading free video compressor online


Convert Your Videos in 3 Steps with Wondershare UniConverter

  • Step #1: Add your videos

Wondershare allows you to either convert your videos individually or in bulk. The first thing is to select the videos you want to convert and then click “Add Files”. 

  • Step #2: Select the format you want to convert to

After adding the videos you want to convert, you will need to choose the format to which you want to convert to. There are lots of formats available to you by Wondershare so you will definitely see your favorite format. 

  • Step #3: Convert your videos

After selecting your desired format, then click on “Convert” to convert the videos you have selected. It is very easy and super-fast. In a little time, your videos will be ready in almost half the original size without a single drop in quality. 


#2: HandBrake 

HandBrake is a popular online video compressor that also received an excellent interest among users. It is a favorite tool for most video editors. It is easy to use and also allows you to convert your video to several formats and presets. The video compressor allows you to convert your videos both on Windows, Linux, and Mac devices without any cost. The only problem, however, with HandBrake is its not-so-appealing program. 

Pros of using HandBrake

  • Allows you to compress and convert videos free

  • Fast and easy to use

  • Allows you to compress videos in batch


  • Interface design not so appealing (old-fashioned)


#3: CloudConvert

This is another free online tool that provides an easy route to compressing your video files and saving your disc space. With a simple drag and drop interface, Cloud Convert provides an excellent user-friendly interface that allows easy conversion of videos. You don’t need to download anything before using it and it also allows you to batch convert your videos to save time. 

However, unlike other tools on this list, CloudConvert doesn’t support much file doormats and also provides a limitation on the free tool. 

Pros of using CloudConvert

  • Provides quick conversion

  • Batch conversion is possible

  • Supported format is not much

  • Free version is limited to 25 minutes maximum conversion time


#4: YouCompress

This simple video compressor comes handy for people looking to reduce the size of their audio files, images, and videos. It comes with no restriction or limitation. You can convert your video to several video formats. However, since the entire process on YouCompress is automated, you may not be able to make any adjustments to output resolution or bitrate.

It is easy to use and also fast. In just a few steps, your compressed video will be ready in much less size than the original. 

Pros of using YouCompress

  • Easy and quick

  • Allows video, audio, and image compression

  • Free and doesn’t watermark your video


  • You cannot decide the output file format of the video

  • No-file sharing capabilities

  • Video compression settings cannot be adjusted


#5: Zamzar

This is a perfect website for converting almost all file formats. This makes it super easy for you to compress your video files. You only need to select the videos you want to compress, select the output format, and your compressed video will be ready in no time. 

One amazing thing about Zamzar is that it is super-fast. Whenever you want to convert your videos without wasting precious time, Zamzar is your go-to website. 

Pros of using Zamzar

  • Easy and convenient

  • Super-fast video compression

  • Allows batch compression


  • Requires email to receive your compressed video

  • Not feature-rich like other tools 


Final Thought

All the above-mentioned tools are excellent video compressors you can freely use online to reduce the size of your video files without compromising on quality. While they are all great, some of them come with one con or the other, and the only one that seems to be absolutely amazing is the Wondershare UniConverter, and we have highlighted how you can use it to convert your videos in 3 simple steps.

Now, there is no more excuse for allowing your videos to eat up your device space. Do something about it now. Use the best video compressor online to compress your videos and save your device!