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You know how it is when that sweet tooth kicks in. Sometimes you just start craving something sweet, and you could care less how many calories you eat. When that craving kicks in and you need that sweet, delicious treat, check out these top bakeries that are perfect to curve such cravings.

Elizabethan Desserts

This bakery makes its cupcakes and cakes with “lots of butter, heavy cream and eggs.” That is a perfect way to describe those days where we just don’t care about the calories. If you’re having a hard time choosing what to order, try the Lemon Bar Pie, Plain Jane, Boston Cream Pie or the delicious Churro cupcakes. Elizabethan also has some delicious breakfast pastries, mini pies, cookies and cheesecakes. 

Little Cakes 

Hopefully the cupcake trend never goes out of style. Little Cakes is known for their gourmet cupcakes and it has won “Cupcake Wars” twice. Little Cakes serves all sorts of delicious flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate and the always favored red velvet. Their menu rotates daily between more than 100 cupcake varieties, including some vegan options. Try their pancakes and bacon cupcake, a “must-try” among regulars. This family-operated joint pride themselves on the way that they are able to incorporate the traditional tastes of American classics while adding a modern twist. 

Skybound Coffee and Dessert Lounge

This new addition to Vista is the perfect place for caffeine and sweets. They serve local, organic coffee, delicious pastries and cakes with Italian gelato. First order your coffee, and then pair it with a piece of lemon coconut or the chocolate fudge cake and enjoy the delicious sweetness. The couple who owns Skybound take great pride in the quality ingredients that they use in all of their creations. Skybound’s most popular desserts are the four-layered cakes that come served by the slice, completed with their organically brewed teas and coffees. They also serve gelato, sorbets, pastries, muffins and cookies. 

The Crimson Cake

Headed by Chef Alicia Phoenix, this place sticks to a strict standard when it comes to the quality of their cakes. They serve all sorts of delicious flavors, such as red velvet, double chocolate, vanilla and carrot cake. Try their “must-have” cookies and cream cake, a chocolate cake layered with vanilla bean buttercream and topped with crushed oreos. They also serve amazing cupcakes! This family-operated bakery makes sure all of their creations are delicious and perfect for all occasions and events. 

Queen of Cakes & Cafe

Formerly known as “The Cake Boutique,” this bakery has been in business for over 30 years, serving and creating delectable cakes. They have over 30 delicious cake flavors with mouth-watering fillings that are prepared with the freshest ingredients. Stop by and relax at their full espresso bar, which serves some of the best brewed coffee in town, or try one of their satisfying frappes, such as mocha, caramel or their seasonal pumpkin spice frappe. Pair that with a slice of their cake, served by the slice.They also serve pastries, cannolis and cakepops, made daily from scratch. 

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