Top 5 Honeymoon Locations

Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Hawaiian Islands

It’s hard narrowing down that perfect honeymoon spot with luxurious resorts, romantic islands, and beautiful cities spread out across the globe. We have chosen the top five honeymoon destinations to help get that inspirational mind going. Whether you picture yourself relaxing on a beautiful beach or exploring the sight of an enchanting city, you can always find something for the perfect honeymoon. 

Hawaiian Honeymoon

If you have never seen Jaws, consider getting close to huge, exotic sharks. Take a short boat ride that takes you to Oahu’s north shore, gather up whatever courage you have, and hop into a metal cage to watch sharks swim around you. If that's not your thing, you can relax from a safer distance on beautiful, sandy beaches. After, that, dine at a celebrity chef’s restaurant. Sam Choy might sound familiar as he's made quite a few appearances on the Food Network––having dinner at one of his restaurants is enough reason to pick Hawaii as your honeymoon destination. And with his partner in crime, brewmaster David Campbell, guarantees are you'll wash down every bite of crab with a cold beer.

San Sebastian Mexico

Mexico Vacation

Mexico is great for surfing. You don’t need to go to the Bay Area to enjoy some of the best surf off of the Pacific Coast, which is perfect for those planning a summer. For those who prefer a little culture on their honeymoon, head out and experience the wonders of Mexico. It doesn’t matter what part of Mexico you honeymoon in, you will always find some place to eat or something to do. For instance, if you're in Puerto Vallarta, you can tour the peaceful mining town of San Sebastian.

Jamaica honeymoon

Jamaica Vacation

Even though beachfront resorts rarely disappoint when it comes to beauty, try to get out and see more than just the sand that is right outside your suite. When you check in, find the concierge and ask about great spots on the island to enjoy the view. Jamaica has one of the most spectacular views on the island up in the hills of the Blue Mountains. Also, you can saddle up and go horseback riding down the empty beach. Many stables on the island even offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience: a sunset ride through the water.

Tampa Bay

Travel Florida

Get acquainted with the wildlife while visiting Florida. You can learn more about their 400 bottle-nose dolphins when you take the Florida Aquarium’s Eco-Tour out of Tampa Bay. Or find the perfect compromise: he goes to go sail-fishing while you relax and enjoy the sun for hours. The water off the Florida coasts is the perfect opportunity to do the best deep-sea fishing in the world.

 San Diego cruise

Take a Cruise

Wherever you want to go, chances are there is a ship that can get you there. Cruise down the coast and you can see the glaciers of Alaska or the tip of Africa. If you're island hopping, consider setting sail instead of taking those larger cruiseliners. These smaller ships are able to fit the ports that those larger ships can’t and they have a full functioning crew too! Plus, you won't have to deal with that many tourists.  

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