Top 5 National Parks to Visit This Year

Top Family-Friendly National Parks

Yosemite National Parks

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Before school starts up and summer comes to a close, be sure to get in that long-awaited summer vacation. Spend time with your loved ones at any or all of these National Parks, and be sure to post fun photos of your trip to make all of your friends want to explore, too. The National Parks' motto is take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints. This is to encourage happiness for the wildlife in the parks, other tourists, and yourself.

Yosemite National Park

Located in eastern California, visiting Yosemite in the summer guarantees a fun time. All areas are accessible by car from late May and early June onwards. The weather is usually warm to hot with occasional rain––perfect vacation weather. 

Some rivers and waterfalls traverse through the Yosemite Valley, but with the heat, they taper off by August. Schedule a guided tour or venture out on your own. National parks are very educational and “kid friendly.” With activities like playing in a Giant Sequoia grove, rafting in the Merced River Canyon (level 2 and 3 rapids), arts and crafts, and much more, Yosemite National Park will keep the whole family happy.

Keep an eye on the weather, because if a meteor shower is in the forecast, what better place to view it than on the top of a mountain? Yosemite has a package in lodging with an astronomer, a telescope, and transportation to choice viewing locations. For a quick, weekend getaway, Yosemite is a must.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park

Located in northern Arizona, this park is hot! The heat in Arizona is for real, so if you plan to take a trip here be sure to keep an eye on the weather and drink a lot of water. You will need to know that a few of the attractions may not be safe if the weather is blazing, so keep that in mind.

When in the right season, the Grand Canyon is breathtaking. With combinations of geological colors and erosional forms that decorate 277 miles long, 18 miles wide, and a mile deep of river canyon, the Grand Canyon is huge, to say the least.

The Grand Canyon offers something for everyone. From bicycling to guided tours, from river trips to mule trips, from hiking to art exhibits, the whole family benefits. Children are bound to love these adventures as well, especially the ranger programs where a certified ranger takes the group on a guided tour. Questions are encouraged for their inquiring minds. Keep an eye on the special events calendar for the perfect time to plan your family vacation.

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

Located in Montana and named the “Crown of the Continent,” this park is at the heart of every adventurer. From deep green forests and vast meadows to frosted mountains, glassy lakes, over 700 miles of trail, Glacier National Park is a haven to thrill-seeking visitors everywhere. And the gentle spirit of the park offers wilderness and solitude to those seekers.

With hiking, camping, biking, and fishing, Glacier National Park is home to those avid outdoors people or those who want to try something new. Here you can live vicariously, and be alone with nature.