Top 5 National Parks to Visit This Year

Top Family-Friendly National Parks

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Denali National Park

Denali National Park

Located in the interior of Alaska, Denali's mission is to conserve wildlife and support already intact ecosystems. Naturalists, field biologists, and climatologists from around the world visit this park to contribute or learn about its scientific research and discovery.

The primary summer visiting season at Denali is May 20 through the third week of September, in which hundreds of thousands of people visit the park. But, there are just as many things to see and do outside of that season. What attracts most people is the 20,310 foot tall Denali, called “the roof of North America,” but there are bus and shuttle rides, ranger-led programs, short-trail hikes and other things that are recommended for everyone. Find out why six million acres of wild land is only bisected by one strip of road. A hint? It has to do with the magnificent beauty and contribution to the earth.

If you aren't interested in shuttle rides, maybe you'll be interested in longer hikes around Savage River, a backpacking hike around Triple Lakes that takes longer than the average stay, or a visit to the sled dog kennels. The native huskies are a crowd favorite.

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park

Last and furthest from California is Acadia National Park. Located in Maine, it is the first eastern National Park. This park is home to the tallest mountain on the U.S. Atlantic coast. Visitors are drawn to Acadia to hike the granite peaks or bike historic carriage roads. Still, others are lured to the relaxation of the scenery of this most eastern state.

Like the other National Parks, there is plenty of hiking, biking, climbing, and touring to do. Children will enjoy many ranger programs like the Centennial Junior, Girl Scout, and Boy Scout Ranger Programs. The Acadia Quest is a series of family-oriented experiences throughout the park that encourage exploration and learning about the land. Check the calendar for special events before you make the trek out to Maine, and enjoy some delicious seafood while you're out east.

National Parks are great family vacation spots, filled with caring people who love to see you smile and say your ooh's and aah's. Check out the wonder of these five National Parks and more this summer, because you deserve to be astounded.

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