5 Top San Diego Private Schools

Schools like Bishop's High School Reign Supreme

Bishop's High School

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Francis ParkerLa Jolla Country Day High School quality education is at the heart of every successful San Diegan, but finding the right school for your child can be difficult—especially when it comes to choosing a private school. Everything from values to academics to the school's teaching philosophy are important factors in the decision–making process that have to be considered, making it an overwhelming task. We all know that schools like Bishop's High School and Francis Parker are good, but how good are they? We’ve helped narrow the gap and found the top San Diego private schools; these five schools were ranked highest for best overall private high school and best outcome for their students. 

Bishop's High School

Bishop's High School's purpose is to help students become citizens that will contribute to the  world with their talents. They pursue intellectual, artistic and athletic excellence with the episcopal tradition in mind, a tradition that fosters integrity, imagination, responsibility and service to the community. This program has helped give them their graduation rate of 100% with 100% of the students going off to a college or university. 

Bishop's High School Headmaster Roche was raised with the understanding that education is a high priority. The idea of contributing to the world with knowledge came from her parents’ belief that education is the only thing that can not be taken away. She plans to incorporate that idea into future curriculum as she continues to assist students with balancing technology and our modern world; the challenge is to help students understand the values of conversation in this fast–paced, tech–heavy life. 

La Jolla Country Day  - Top San Diego Private Schools

La Jolla Country Day High School

La Jolla Country Day High School’s mission is to incorporate their core values into every facet of their education. Each core value enable students to gain as much as possible from the curriculum. Using scholarly enterprise and participation in the arts and athletics, they help to build character and independent thought. Passionate teachers who believe in the value of hard work, critical thinking, and collaboration give the students the mentorship needed to overcome life’s challenges, even after their time there is finished. One important philosophy of the school is to cherish different perspectives and be aware of the interconnectedness of the world. 

This year Gary Krahn, Ph.D came to La Jolla Country Day as the new headmaster. Dr. Krahn, a San Diego native, received his undergraduate education at United States Military Academy West Point in New York. His focus for the school is on individualized learning and giving students a better understanding of the world around them. He argues that the future of education will take on a more individualized approach and he plans to be prepared for it. Dr. Krahn compiled a board of advisors consisting of technical directors, engineers, inventors, professors and conflict resolution strategists to help him anticipate the changes in the world and prepare his students. With the help of experts, he hopes to model students into the best versions of themselves and gain the tools to make the world a better place. 

Francis Parker

Francis Parker

Francis Parker is committed to academic success and personal fulfillment. Their core values include intellectual curiosity, creative thinking, passion for learning, ethical responsibility, self–reliance, community engagement and global competence. This school develops students by striving for academic excellence with their social and emotional well–being in mind. Their goal is to send students into the world with the ability to think critically, write persuasively and communicate confidently. 

The staff at Francis Parker brings the world into the classroom by inviting local businesses and universities to talk to students. Students visit university faculty and lectures to gain awareness of service learning, experiential education and character development.  

In the Spring of 2013, Francis Parker was awarded a six–year accreditation by the California Association of Independent School (CAIS) Board of Standards and the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).