Top 5 San Diego Pizzerias as Voted by You

Best Pizzerias in San Diego!

East Coast Pizza

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For the past week and a half, we have been tirelessly asking you to vote for the best pizzeria in San Diego. Well your votes are in, and we're here to deliver your top 5 pizzerias! Congrats to East Coast Pizza for winning by a large margin! For now, why don't we give you a run down of the best pizza places in San Diego?

1) East Coast Pizza

East Coast Pizza specialize in NY style hand-tossed pizza. They mostly sell pizza by-the-slice, with twelve different pizza varieties available every day such as bar-b-que chicken, pesto, hawaiian, pepperoni, etc. When you order a slice they heat it up in a brick oven. The pizza itself is thin, crispy, and never overloaded with cheese. They make a thinner base  and cook it firmly so that patrons only have to give a gentle pinch to the edges in order to hold the pizza upright. East Coast Pizza's delicious pizza is light on sauce (the way a thin crust pizza should be) and has great toppings. The slices are huge, so you get your fill, but they are also not greasy, which is a huge plus for those who don’t want the mess! 

2) Village Pizzeria

Village Pizzeria

Village Pizzeria is more like a full restaurant instead of just a “pizza place." They prepare dishes made from the finest ingredients that include hearty pastas and authentic desserts. Village Pizzeria opened in 2002 and provide quality Italian food for residents of Coronado Island. They hand-toss pizza and prepare Italian specialties. Village Pizza has become so successful that they have a second location at Bayside with views of downtown and a covered patio. This is a great place to enjoy their happy hour specials on beer, wine, and huge slices of pizza. The original location is a block away from the Pacific Ocean and the Hotel Del Coronado, and it offers outdoor seating and indoor dining. Village Pizzeria even has three plasma TVs for costumers entertainment. 

3) San Diego Pizza Company

San Diego Pizza Company

Founded with the idea of bringing hand-tossed, wood-fired, custom-built pizzas and appetizers to people throughout the San Diego area, San Diego Pizza Company is a mobile company that serves delicious food. The pizzas are made from scratch with fresh ingredients. They believe in bringing people together over great food and exceptional service. San Diego Pizza Company is known for catering events with their pizza being a crowd-pleaser and their service being fantastic.