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With spring rapidly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your next update to your garden. Or perhaps you have yet to start your gardening adventure, and you’re seeking some tips to get started. Either way, here are some great gardening trends for 2017 that are perfect for getting started or sprucing up your yard.

Edible Plants

Mixing edible plants with more traditionally “pretty” plants is a fun and practical trend to look forward to this year. It’s actually been predicted that more people will start planting vegetable and herb gardens, even in their front yards. Planting cilantro, basil (both will need a reasonable amount of shade to thrive), and arugula (which has short roots, so be cautious of over-watering) amongst your brighter plants allows for your flowers to “pop” with the subtle green backdrop that the herbs will provide. Taller flowers can also help provide shade during particularly hot days so your herbs can thrive. Cucumbers, melons and tomatoes have also been noted to do well in a warm desert climate. Always remember to pick the right types of soil and to ensure a spot where your plants will get the amount of sunshine they need.

Indoor Micro-Gardening

This has steadily been “blossoming” into a trend for low-commitment planting. It takes gardening and shrinks it down into a window box for herbs or a few small flowers potted to spruce up small spaces. Indoor gardening has become particularly popular in small apartments, stairwells with windows, and other places ordinarily lacking in color or space. Chives, dill and parsley do better in cooler temperatures, so these are great for an indoor window box (considering you have temperature monitoring equipment in your home). Or if you desire more color, consider a simple orchid in a windowsill to add a touch of color to a room (orchids come in a variety of colors and do great at indoor temperatures if they get enough sunlight).     

Night Meadow Sage

Extreme Naturalism

The idea behind this trend is for your landscaped area to appear as if it is a gloriously natural scene untouched by man. This style strategically uses elements like rocks, boulders, benches and seemingly unkempt plant life to give the impression of a natural look. For example, try planting a single small tree (consider a Caesalpinia cacalaco “Cascalote” tree that will flower yellow flowers in the winter) in the middle of some wild shrubs (consider some May Night Meadow Sage to add a soft, wild lavender affect). Or this can also be achieved by strategically placing rocks or boulders and planting wild flowers around them (consider some simple fame flowers for the perfect spring look).

Bright and Bold Colors

Another fun trend to look forward to is bold and bright colors, especially in the way of flowers. Add some pops of color to your garden with sunny yellow Sanitaria Procumbens, Verbena Tenuisecta in bright purple, or Ipomoea Quamoclit in a bold red.


Simplicity: One Pot, One Plant

A trend that is great for those of us just getting started in gardening is the simple, single plant in a nice pot. Get a tester plant such as Bougainvillea, which is a flowering plant that comes in several colors and is a great “tester plant” since it requires a little upkeep, like occasional watering and pruning (be sure to include a drainage hole before planting in the pot or you risk root rot) that will get you ready for more future “plant babies.” Plus, this plant can be transplanted into a larger garden in the future.

Bee-Friendly Plants

With rising concerns for the bee population, another environmentally friendly trend is sprouting up: plants that make pollination easier on our little bee-buddies. The plants’ nectar also attracts beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds to your yard, which will give your yard a wonderful, natural feel all through the spring and summer. This season, plant bee-friendly flowers like Clay-orange Butterfly Weed, Blue Spires Russian Sage (a spiky plant with dark blue flowers), Blue Blazes Hyssop (great for hummingbirds), Salsa Red Coneflowers, Engelmann's Daisy and Magnus Purple Coneflower.

Choose a combination of these fun gardening trends and enjoy a beautiful garden for years to come.

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