Top 8 Comedy Podcasts

Podcasts to Keep You Laughing

Podcasts to Keep You Laughing

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We all want to be happy and lead fulfilling lives; to do so it’s important to make time for laughter. An easy way to laugh often is to listen to comedy podcasts instead of the same old tunes on the radio. We’ve compiled our favorite comedy podcasts to help you get your daily dose of laughter. 

My Brother, My Brother and Me

My Brother, My Brother, and Me

For roughly 50 minutes each week, these three real life brothers host a comedy show based on questions sent in from their audience. The humorous trio attempts to give out advice and certainly gives out humor as they do so. 

2 Dope Queens

2 Dope Queens

Hosted by strong black women and best friends Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams, this show takes a comedic approach to discussing real issues like romance, sex, race, and living in New York (both of them are experts; the show is recorded in Brooklyn). They also discuss fun topics like their favorite comedians, “hair journeys” and Billy Joel. 

How Did This Get Made

How Did This Get Made?

With the simple premise of delving into how and why certain movies were made, the hosts of this show invite their audience to report movies to them that they have found to be so bad that they wonder how it was made in the first place. The hosts watch the movies and report back live in this funny podcast. 

Comedy Bang Bang

Comedy Bang! Bang!

Host Scott Aukerman (AKA: “Mr. Show”) and his amusing friends play games and do improv live on this wacky podcast. Aukerman interviews celebrities with an “open door policy,” meaning at any given time someone new can stop by and join in the fun.