Top 8 Cooking Essentials Every Homeowner Needs in Their Kitchen

No matter if you're a gourmet cook or trying to learn how to operate the stove, it's imperative to have the right cooking supplies to help you create a delicious meal. The kitchen is the most used room in the home, so it's no surprise that retail sales for kitchen gadgets reached $1.2 billion in 2017. 

When it comes to kitchenware, quality is more important than quantity. Instead of filling your cupboards with miscellaneous tools you've collected over the years, stick with just a few multifunctional ones.

With so many choices, choosing the right kitchen tools can be overwhelming. That's why we've outlined some of the most practical and multifunctional cooking essentials you need in your home.

1. Sauté Pan and Lid

One of the most useful kitchen essentials is a deep sauté pan. Not only can the pot create delicious soups and sauces, but it can also do everything a typical frying pan is capable of. 

Do you need to fry up an egg? Or perhaps sizzle a few burgers on the stove? All of this can be done in your handy sauté pan.

Complete the dish by keeping the lid close by. The lid will trap heat to sauté foods at lower temperatures. This way, you don't have to worry about overcooking your dinner.

2. Knife Set

Of course, you need knives in your kitchen. But do you have a set of high-quality knives that will always get the job done? If not, then you should.

Knives are one of the most basic yet essential cooking tools. Different style knives are designed to cut through different types of foods. Using the right knife when prepping food makes cooking easier and safer.

By investing in a knife set, you receive a few different types of knives. Most sets include a chef's knife, a paring knife, a bread knife, a carving knife, and more. The chef's knife is ideal for multiple tasks. If you're in doubt, go with your chef's knife.

3. Cutting Boards

To go along with your freshly sharpened knife set is a place to safely use them. That's where a solid cutting board selection comes in. Every kitchen needs at least one strong cutting board to prep anything your recipe calls for.

While one cutting board may suffice, it's ideal to have a few different ones. A well-stocked kitchen should have a cutting board for fruit, one for veggies, one for meats, and so on.

Separating your cutting boards reduces your risk of cross-contamination. Juices from raw meats can easily get trapped in your cutting board. If not properly washed, you may mix those raw juices with your fresh fruit or veggies, which could lead to health problems.

4. Cheese Grater

One of the most underrated kitchen tools is the cheese grater. Unless you're lactose intolerant, most people would agree that freshly grated cheese creates the perfect finish over a delicious dish.

While you can purchase pre-shredded cheese at the supermarket, cheese blocks are fresher and get you more bang for your buck.

Aside from creating a fresh layer of cheese, there's more you can do with a grater. You can grind citrus fruits, chocolate, carrots, zucchini, onions, and even butter. A grater is a multifunctional tool that comes in handy more often than you think, making it an important kitchen essential.

5. Plenty of Tupperware

If you spend hours slaving over the stove, you don't want to watch your hard efforts get tossed in the trash. That's where Tupperware comes in handy. Keep your kitchen stocked with plenty of storage containers (along with their matching lids) so leftovers can have a spot in your fridge.

Not only does Tupperware keep food fresh for a longer time, but the Tupperware Brand announced in June their commitment to sustainability. The company is dedicated to eliminating the need for single-use plastic products in the kitchen and reducing environmental waste.

If your kitchen is in need of Tupperware, this Tupperware coupon can get you an unbeatable deal on a new glass Tupperware set for your kitchen.

6. Reliable Baking Dishes

Baking dishes are another kitchen staple. For all of your cooking and baking needs, it's best to have a few baking dishes, each a different size. 

There are different types of baking dishes and pans to stock your kitchen with. A classic 9x13-inch baking pan is one of the most frequently used dishes. The pans hold their value and can be used to make a variety of meals, from a casserole to a birthday cake.

It's a good idea to stock your kitchen with at least one glass baking dish. Glass dishes are durable. They're safe in the oven, microwave, fridge, and freezer. Like baking sheets, glass dishes can be used for whipping up brownies to roasting a delicious chicken dinner.

7. Measuring Cup Set

If you're new to cooking, don't assume you can just eyeball your ingredients. Even celebrity chefs rely on an old-fashion measuring cup to ensure their recipes turn out right. Without measuring, you can quickly turn a tasty meal into a terrible mistake.

Measuring cup sets provide a variety of different measuring sizes. From a tablespoon to a full cup, your kitchen isn't complete with a reliable measuring cup set.

8. Can Opener

How many delicious dishes were halted because you were missing one simple, but very important, tool? A can opener is a kitchen essential. It should be one of the first items you purchase for your home. 

From veggies to sauces to soups, it's likely the recipe you're following will call for something from a can. Without an opener, you're stuck. But luckily, you can find a simple can opener at nearly any supermarket or home goods store for a reasonable price.

Stay Updated on Cooking Essentials

When it comes to kitchenware, remember to stick with multi-functional products. That way, you can do more while having less of a mess.

Now, that you know what cooking essentials are needed in your home, go a step further and discover more home hacks. Check out our other home design articles. We have the latest tips and tricks to make your home the best one on the block.