Top 8 Educational Podcasts

Podcasts That Keep You Smart

Ted Talks Podcast

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We all want to seem as smart as we can. There is no better way to do this than to stay informed on a reasonably wide range of topics. The easiest way to do so is so make sure to listen to educational programs instead of just the same old music you listened to in high school (we all do it, but it’s important to mix it up on occasion). Here are the top 8 educational podcasts to keep you smart:

TED Talks

Devoted to spreading ideas on nearly all topics, a TED Talk is 18 minutes or less of information on all kinds of subjects, stories, and ideas (they are now at 2,300+ episodes). Get the conversations going by watching some of the world’s most motivating thinkers and speakers. You can find a topic that interests you and watch a talk by clicking here.

Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know

With a plethora of topics from the serious subjects like the sciences to less serious topics like “what’s the future of virtual sex?”, you’re sure to find a topic that intrigues you. It’s always good to stay informed on a variety of subjects, both the quirky and the serious. To find a topic that suites you, click here.

Smart People Podcast

Smart People Podcast

With the goal of encouraging personal growth through authoritative conversations, this interview-based podcast deals with a wide range of topics that aid in personal success. To listen to past episodes or to listen to the latest episode, click here.

Naked Scientist

The Naked Scientist

With the goal of helping the average person better understand the sciences, technology, and medicine this podcast takes an interesting spin on scientific topics. Ranging from fun topics like “The battery powered by stomach acid” to serious topics like “Why are viruses more virulent in men than women?”, everyone is sure to find a scientific topic that intrigues them. To download a podcast that interests you, click here.