Top 8 Keto-Friendly Meals You Can Try When Dining Out

When you’re on a very demanding diet, dining out can be quite daunting. All your friends or family may have no problem at all ordering from the menu and their options are endless. But, you have made a vow to yourself to stick to your Keto Diet and so, you feel your choices are limited.


A Keto diet requires you to consume minimal carbs and train your body to burn high content of fat for energy. Luckily, you’d be surprised how many restaurants cater to your Keto needs, especially those with an array of high fat cheesy or creamy sauces you’re supposed to avoid.


Before dining out, it won’t hurt to be prepared and check the restaurant’s online menu and plan ahead what you will ask them to substitute or how you will avoid those pesky carbs. In the blog post titled “How to Eat Keto at Your Favorite Restaurant,” they believe that carb dominated restaurants can be turned into keto-friendly havens by just applying the right strategies when ordering your meal. If you read these tips on eating out, it can help you decide what meal you should order that could satisfy your cravings. What’s more, you won't have to deal with guilt every time you consider eating out.


Nevertheless, you can read on below for the top 8 keto-friendly meals you can try when dining out.

#1 Go bunless!

Grabbing a bite at a burger joint is the go-to midweek meal. Most burger joints cater to almost anyone and their food requirements. They are becoming more adaptable to orders by offering low carb meal options. Swap out the bun for a lettuce wrap and go crazy with the toppings.  Add cheese, loads of cheese and lots of crispy bacon! Swap out ketchup and barbeque for blue cheese sauce, mustard, and mayonnaise. Some burger joints also offer a side salad as a replacement for French fries.

#2 Meat lovers haven

Don’t fret at all if you’ve found yourself at an American restaurant that specializes in BBQ and steak or at a Middle Eastern or Turkish restaurant that specializes in grilled meats. These two types of restaurants are actually keto-friendly havens. Opt for a juicy charbroiled steak and add the butter on top if you’re looking to increase your fat intake. If you’re going for ribs at a BBQ joint, ask for non-sugary sauces, unlike barbeque and seasonings that are not high in sugar. Middle Eastern cuisine is a safe and easy option as well, ordering grilled meats such as kebab or lamb will be delicious nonetheless. Usually, the meal comes with a variety of side salads and dips. But don’t forget to say no to pita bread and potatoes.

#3 Baked or grilled is always a safe bet

You would think that going to an Italian restaurant means you will never find anything keto-friendly with their array of pasta and pizza. Think again. A lot of their chicken dishes are grilled with yummy marinades. Opt for a chicken piccata or baked chicken with a cheesy mozzarella topping. Definitely skip out on any side pasta or potatoes and go with vegetables on the side instead. You can also choose baked or seared salmon steak over a bed of yummy veggies. Or go light with a rich chicken caesar salad, but leave out the croutons.

#4 Prepare those chopsticks!  

Believe it or not, you can still have sushi and skip the carbs. Japanese restaurants can easily cater to your keto needs by swapping out the rice with veggie options. You can always go safe with a nice variety of sashimi (only seafood) or you can go for the riceless rolls. Naruto rolls are your best bet for a carb-free meal at a sushi place. Ordering a “naruto” style roll means they roll the seafood with a thin slice of cucumber instead. There are also options to go rice free with temaki. The cone-shaped sushi can be filled with veggies and seafood without rice.

#5 Cut out the crust  

Many pizza joints, these offer a carb-free crust by creating a cauliflower crust instead. It’s been a hit with keto diet goers and tastes just as delicious as a dough crust. There are also options for going crust free by creating a veggie base for your crust and adding rich, cheesy and a variety of toppings.

#6 Chinese delicacies

For a cuisine that’s famous for their noodles, ordering keto-friendly can seem tricky. However, if you stick to protein, you’re good. Try the crispy duck as it’s made without batter, but make sure you stay away from ultra-sweet sauces. Brown sauce, peanut or sesame is your best bet. Chicken lettuce wraps, stir-fry veggies (without the cornstarch) or meat and vegetable curries will guarantee a filling meal without the carbs.

#7 Protein heaven with Indian cuisine

Indian cuisine is also an easy choice when it comes to eating keto-friendly meals. Opt for the tikka masala, butter chicken, kebabs, curries or tandoori dishes. Skip on the naan bread and the potatoes and go for full-fat yogurt dips and vegetable curries.

#8 When you’re on the go

Fast Food has become a staple of food on the go. However, with high levels of carbs, it can be tricky tailoring your order to fit your keto diet. Some fast food chains have already implemented the bunless burger option and offer lettuce wrap instead of your burger or chicken sandwiches. Others have added a variety of salad choices as well. Mexican fast food chains have created burrito bowls by swapping out tortilla bread with a lettuce-based bowl and meat topping instead. Top up with some guacamole and you’re good to go!


Being on a diet can be a little stressful when planning your meals at home, let alone trying to figure out what to eat when dining out. But with a little bit of planning, you can still enjoy eating out without having to worry. Remember, you are in control of what you order. Don’t be afraid to ask how the dish is made and what you can substitute the carbs with. It may seem challenging at first, but many of today’s restaurants can cater to your needs.