Top Donut Shops in San Diego!

Top 4 Donut Shops in San Diego

Nomad Donuts San Diego

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So you’ve found yourself in search for the sweetest treats around, or maybe even the most savory: donuts. Lucky for you, San Diego has a plethora of establishments catered to donut lovers like yourself. We’ve found some of the most visited, unique, and innovative donut shops in San Diego for you to explore the next time you’re craving a pastry.

Nomad Donuts

Bringing flavors not previously imagined to a sugary donut, Nomad Donuts brings this pastry out of its comfort zone. Brad Keiller, the owner, decided to open shop as a way to exhibit the fresh and local flavors San Diego has to offer. Whether that be from farmer’s markets or local growers, Kristianna Zabala, executive pastry chef, then takes these flavors and incorporates them in unconventional ways that keep customers trying new combinations with a daily changing menu.

Savory and unique flavor combinations include honeydew mint prosciutto, zucchini chocolate chip, cherry chili lime, and even more that you might not find at your average donut shop. In addition to the exotic tastes of these donuts, Nomad Donuts incorporates a variety of flavorful vegan options as well.

Beyond the allure of these one-of-a-kind donuts, the ambiance of the shop provides a trendy atmosphere for guests to congregate and enjoy their pastries. To accompany their donuts, the drink menu has an extensive selection of coffee along with other donut-accompanying favorites. 

Nestled between Madison Ave & Monroe Ave University Heights, Nomad Donuts is open from 6am to 4pm weekdays (with the exception of Tuesdays) and from 8am to 2pm on weekends.

San Diego Rose Donuts

Rose Donuts

For all of you who enjoy the simple pleasures in life and tend to keep your donut preferences on the reasonable side, Rose Donuts could very well be your haven.

Classic flavors meet practicality, as all of your favorite traditional donuts are paired with convenient prices. Even better, Rose Donuts is open 24 hours a week! You’ll find all of the classics here, including the glazed twist, which has customers talking nonstop. And with most donuts costing under $2.00 it’s easy to see why customers keep making their way back to the shop. Besides the classic offerings of a donut shop, Rose Donuts serves up numerous flavors of ice cream if you’re not feeling breakfast or pastries. 

That's right, I said breakfast! Offering a lot more than just donuts, Rose Donuts offers tasty sandwiches, breakfast croissants, and specialty bagels. Specifically, the tuna sandwich served up on a flaky croissant has become a favorite for many customers outside of the donut world. 

So if you’re searching for that traditional local donut shop, look no further than Rose Donuts. You won’t have to worry about them selling out of donuts either, because they’re open 24/7 for your convenience.