San Diego Saturdays! Top Outdoor Activities in San Diego

Top 5 Outdoor Activities for When the Weather Warms Up

Photo by Surfer Today

As the weather becomes even more ideal throughout spring, it’s time to look to the outdoor activities at our fingertips. Renowned weather, beaches, and parks offer endless possibilities to explore the outdoors. And with an avidly inclusive and friendly community, you never know what kind of connections you’ll make while enjoying what nature has to offer.


Whether you’re cruising by the beach, or along the Pacific Coast Highway, the views and adrenaline rush you get from cycling can give you a whole new perspective of San Diego. Not only a great source of consistent exercise, cycling is a great avenue to explore areas of the county you might otherwise forgo with a car and the nuisances of parking fees. Cycling releases you from these constrictions and allows you to explore infinite possibilities.

Be adventurous and explore the abundant nature and protected parks by cycling off road, or even explore the historic Gaslamp Quarter. If you don’t have access to a bicycle but want to partake in the action, try DecoBike to rent a bicycle for the extent of your ride! And with constant beautiful weather, any day you choose to cycle will be a beautiful one.

Sailing and Boating

It’s difficult to stay out of the warm water of the coast for very long, with renowned beaches and water sports that attract so many to the area. To really get a feel for the gorgeous waters, sailing and boating provide a scenic way to enjoy the sun and surf. Although owning your own boat can be the ideal way to explore the ocean, sailing and boating tours can give passengers the freedom to be tourists for the day and enjoy a drink or to simply relax to the rhythm of the sea.

Oceanside, Mission Bay, and The Big Bay are the perfect starting points for any boating adventure, with public launching areas and rental shops all around. You can even receive lessons to begin the journey in learning to sail! If you’re in need of a relaxing getaway for a few hours in the evening, Sail San Diego has a wonderful sunset sail, along with other ideal sailing excursions.


It’s easy to say that San Diego is the best in many categories of what it offers, but when it comes to fishing, you might want to take this label seriously. With either fresh or salt water, you truly cannot go wrong with San Diego’s fishing. 

If you’re taking the saltwater route, Point Loma Sportfishing is a great resource to connect you with a boat trip that matches your convenience. Some of these excursions are so convenient in fact that their crews can take the annoying chore of processing your catch and sending it directly to your home! Yellow tail is the preferred catch in these waters, and can grow to be significantly large. For the lakes in San Diego, the fishing is just as well known, if not moreso, for its greatness. In these waters, largemouth bass are the coveted prize and have been known to grow to exponential sizes!


While it may not be summertime, that doesn’t mean swimming is off limits to locals who enjoy summer-like conditions year-round. And this just may be a perfect feature for when the beaches become crowded tourist attractions in the summer. Swimming combines some of the best elements of recreation with its obvious health benefits. Unlike some of the other recreational activities above, you have the freedom to explore and find your own favorite spots to swim, not to mention the ease of not having to rent equipment!

Although you may end up finding your own special locations for swimming along the coast, Coronado Beach and La Jolla Cove are two locations known for mild conditions and fantastic swimming, either for leisure or sport. They’re worth checking out; just watch out for peek tourist periods! Depending on the time you venture into the water, you may find yourself in the company of others swimmers practicing for upcoming races or simply enjoying the water.


If you’re at the beach, feeling adventurous, and the typical romping around in the water or playing it safe on the beach just won’t do today, it’s time to master the waves! The adrenaline and skill the sport of surfing takes can be exhausting, but the thrill of riding atop a rushing wave is worth it. Luckily, San Diego has some of the most amazing surf spots, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro.

While some may argue on behalf of the best waters to surf, Blacks Beach, La Jolla, and Trestles are named among the most ideal surf spots in the area. Avoiding the weekends and holidays is a must to ensure you get the space to take a wave for yourself. If you’re a beginner and need to rent, San Diego Surfing School can set you up with a rental, as well as an expertise lesson to get you shredding waves in no time. They’re kid friendly!