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Uplift Standing Desk

One of the latest trends to combat this statistic is a standing desk. It’s been around a few years but was first regarded as a fad––and a pricey one, at that. However, it seems the health trend may be migrating beyond the walls of tech startups with open floor- plans and into the offices and homes of the general public. 

For more about standing desks, read our in-depth piece on the benefits of standing desks. For some of the top standing desks currently on the market, check out our favorites below.


UPLIFT offers customized desks and workstations online, so users can choose color and material of the desktop and frame. The cheapest option is competitively priced, fully motorized and stylish. $499–$2200


IKEA Bekant

This mid-priced, adjustable-height desk is fully motorized and allows users to shift their entire desktop into standing mode. $529



The most budget-friendly model comes from ReadyDesk. This simple product is a desktop riser with adjustable slots that the user moves manually. The desk is an easy- to-assemble plywood structure that is lightweight and portable. ​ $159–$169



VariDesk offers only desktop risers, but these models feature a larger workspace than most. $395–$595



This brand offers a range of standing desks for any user and budget. Their cheapest option is a motorized desk riser, which sits on top of a standard desk. Evodesk also offers full-sized motorized adjustable height desks and a multi-monitor workstation. $397–$1299

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