Top Restaurants & Sights of San Diego

Exploring the Not-So-Secret Secrets Of San Diego


When I first moved to California, there was a lot of exploring I wanted to do. Overall, I thought I was going to dislike living here! Luckily, I have since realized that I was completely wrong. I have fallen in love with the sights, sounds, and flavors of San Diego. Coming from the east, the views and dining options here were pleasantly unexpected. Both coasts are unique and different in every way, and I am glad to have been able to experience the West Coast.


One of my first restaurant experiences was at The Fish Market. Sitting right beside the USS Midway and the “Embracing Peace” statue, lies one of my new favorite seafood restaurants. Visiting the restaurant, my mother and I opted to sit outside. We took in the pigeons waddling around the deck with the scenery of a shipyard in the background. It was a beautiful view of the water. I enjoyed the Crispy Fish Sandwich with Asian slaw. My mother opted for the Fish Tacos, and we shared a platter of Calamari. All the food was bursting with freshness and flavor. If you are on the hunt for a great seafood dining experience, look no further than San Diego's Fish Market.  


Another excellent dining option is a little Filipino Restaurant called Manila Sunset. This bistro is located in National City, just minutes away from the city center.  Having never experienced Filipino food, I was a little hesitant about the new flavors. To play it safe, I decided to go with a very general dish - Grilled Chicken Barbecue and an order of Lumpiang Shanghai. The meat was seared to perfection, and the taste was simple yet satisfying. Next time you are looking for authentic Filipino cooking, pop over to Manila Sunset.


The next part of our adventure brought us to Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.  The expansive views and the scenery were breathtaking. We got to witness the sunset over the ocean. We walked down to the bottom of the cliffs to stick our toes into the water. This is an experience I will never forget, and I expect there to be more visits to the cliffs throughout my time here.

Just before I sent my Mother heading back home, we had the joy of going over to Coronado Island. We relished our time wandering the streets and investigated a few garage sales. My mother was determined to touch the Pacific before her departure, so we headed to the beach. The water was cold, and there were shimmering specs in the sand, reflecting the fading light. Overall my first experience in San Diego has been magical, and I am not sure I will ever leave the west again.