Top Sites to See in Croatia

Where To Go On The East Side Of The Adriatic Sea

Croatia is a place where you want to discover the beauty of this fantastic destination. The Adriatic Sea is known as Europe’s “new frontier” because of the gorgeous views from the mountaintop. And it may be one of the most beautiful places you can ever see.

There is quite a lot in this part of the world to see and do. The Balkans are known for their historic features and are a large part of Croatia. They are the most exuberant parts of the country with their ocean views and mountain ranges. Some must-visit destinations on the Balkan peninsula include Dubrovnik, Mostar, and Bosnia. 

Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:0z:vnrcj2x92_l6wvqjjw7lngg00000gn:T:TemporaryItems:adriatic-sea.jpg.jpgMostar is a place with a unique history. This specific city has the Stari Most, a bridge that stood for centuries until the 1993 Bosnian War destroyed Mostar after 427 years. In the 1600s, before the bridge was demolished, it was a favorite jumping point for those looking to dive into the serene waters below. Mostar is a beauty of Croatia and one place I would enjoy visiting because of the sights and history it has to offer.


Dubrovnik is also very popular for its history. The way the buildings are designed is quite historic. Also known as the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea, seeing is truly believing. The sunrises and the architecture of the buildings will blow you away when visiting for the first time and is not to be missed. Everything in the city is nostalgic. Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:0z:vnrcj2x92_l6wvqjjw7lngg00000gn:T:TemporaryItems:EUROPEMEDITERRANEANCROATIACROATIADES_001505DUBROVNIKRES_000465.jpgEven those who are not religious would enjoy seeing what the grand Mosque in the town of Bosnia has to offer. Enjoy a great cup of coffee and take in the views of Dubrovnik. And watching a Turkish sunset is sure to be spectacular and quite a different experience than watching it from California. 


Be sure to catch the street art in Krakow, it is one of a kind, and the artist profoundly represents the historic Bosnian War alongside images of the country's freedom. The street art hits home for many in the country as it beautifully depicts the horrors of war and the sweet taste of freedom.

Croatia and the Adriatic Sea are sights to behold and to truly enjoy. Be sure to visit one day, Croatia is not to be missed!