Top Style Tips Everyone Woman Should Know

Every woman is unique, and her clothes should reflect that in some way or another. When you express yourself, after all, you are taking charge of your own personal narrative. You are telling people who you are through your creative choices. Sure, some days you might want to tell a different story, but that’s okay. Everyone is multi-faceted and you can dress whichever way you like. If you want to improve your sense of style and how to style your clothes, however, you will want to follow these top style tips:


Your Undergarments Matter


Unless you are incredibly slim and don’t need a lot of support for your breasts to walk around comfortably, then you are going to want to invest in better undergarments. What you wear underneath doesn’t by any means have to feel restrictive or painful, but it does need to support you. When your bra size is outside the norm of mass production, however, it is time to look to stores that stock specialist brands. You deserve the right support in a beautiful set of underwear and bras. Not only will you look better (in and out of clothes) but you will feel better too.


Shop Your Size


Just as it is important to get underwear that supports your body shape, so too is it important to get clothes that actually fit. Buying plus size tops can be an absolute joy, so long as you shop at a location where these clothes were made specifically for plus sized women. Far too often going into a regular clothing store means plus-sized clothes that are just bigger in size, rather than accounting for your shape.  


Get Certain Items Professionally Tailored


It is, of course, impossible to create clothes for the mass-market that will suit everyone’s shape. The best you can do is find a good size that fits your widest parts, and then tailor it from there. A white button-down top can look absolutely gorgeous on everyone, but only if you take it in where it needs.


Know Your Proportions


Everyone has a different shape. Perhaps you are really tall with a short upper body. Perhaps you have a pear shape or apple shape or whatever named shape works best with you. You cannot change this shape. It is dictated by your very bones. What you can do, however, is know your proportions and how to dress them to get the effect you want. Have short legs and want to make them look longer? Wear high-waisted items.


Know How to Care for Your Clothes


The state of your clothes will also matter. Some fabrics will pull, others will fray. It does take more time and effort to care for these clothes (and money, if you send them to the dry cleaners), but it is worth it.


Take Care of Your Appearance


Last but not least, take care of your appearance. Wash your face, moisturize, brush your teeth, do your hair – whatever personal preferences you have don’t matter, so long as you look healthy. This will complete your outfit no matter your sense of style and will help you look and feel great.