Top Sweet Perfumes

Warm Your Senses with These Sweet Gourmands

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium ($91, Sephora).

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Just as filling our mouth with candy brings such delight, so does smelling like a heavenly bowl of sweets. Sugar-scented perfumes, also known as Gourmands, are made primarily of an edible-like formula. They have heavy notes of chocolate, caramel, vanilla and candy to immerse wearers in an irresistible dessert fragrance. Enhance your allure with a candy-coated aroma or find the perfect scent for your lady. You can never go wrong with sugar (just don’t ask your dentist if they agree).

Sephora Pink Sugar

A vanilla and caramel blend, this playful perfume is sure to garner compliments. Pink Sugar ($60, Sephora) is a young, cheerful scent that takes its user back to a nostalgic and innocent place. If you’re a Pink Sugar addict, you may have noted the longevity of this scent. It tends to stay with you throughout the day—a major selling point of this product.

Prada candy

Prada Candy ($90, Ulta) is a pink and gold encased delight. It has notes of caramel and vanilla, similar to that of Pink Sugar, but most Gourmand lovers agree that the two are very different. Delicious in its own respect, Prada Candy explores joyfulness through sophistication.

Nordstrom Maison Margiela

Remember that warm summer night at the carnival, with bright lights whirling by, and laughter that stretched on for miles? Scents of red candy apples, caramel corn, and pink cotton candy tingled your nose. Travel back in time with Maison Margiela- Replica Funfair Evening ($126, Nordstrom), a fun fragrance that reawakens a whimsical moment.