Top Things to Do and See in Famous Huntington Beach

The Hot Spots You Should be Checking Out

A silhouette of a man holding a surfboard walking down the beach by the pier with a sunset in the background

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One of the best suburbs in Southern California for the Millennial to visit is Huntington Beach. Huntington Beach offers a variety of top attractions and activities that you should be doing. From visiting the beach pier to shopping in downtown, this location is sure to keep you entertained!


1. Huntington Beach Pier


Voted the #1 thing to do in Huntington Beach, this pier will be a highlight of your trip. Enjoy the views of the water, people watch, eat at Ruby’s diner at the end of the pier, or get a better view of the surfing competitions often occurring along the beaches. The pier is a major hot spot within this town and is often the home of several local street performers. Take a break from the bustling beaches and the heat; enjoy the ocean breeze while viewing one of the most gorgeous Southern California sights.


2. Crash a bonfire party or host one!


Huntington Beach is home to some of the most popular beaches in California. It is also home to one of the few places where you and your friends can have a bonfire on the beach! Grab some tacos at the local food trucks located along the beach and make some new friends around the fire. With good refreshments and amazing food located within walking distance of the fire pits, you are guaranteed to have a fun time.


3. Check out a local brewery


Looking to get a cold beer and escape the heat? Head into one of the local breweries located in the downtown area. Beachwood Brewing and Riip Beer Company’s PCH tasting room are two places where you can find some of the most popular West Coast style brews. Try new beers and learn about different styles!


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4. Get a ticket and dance the day away at the Sundown Music Festival


Quickly buy a ticket to one of the most popular music festivals in California, Sundown. Located right on the beach in Huntington, this festival is bound to be fun. It occurs on two days over summer and has several attractions to attend all while listening to some of the top names in EDM.


5. Head to Old World and visit the famous replica of a German village.


Missed out on Oktoberfest? Head to the replica of an old German village located in Huntington Beach! Old World is a European themed mall that is sure to satisfy your needs of German food and beer. It is an experience like no other and definitely a fun place to go to as a group!


6. Play Volleyball on a local Beach


The best place to make a few friends and experience a California style competition is on the beach! Play a game of volleyball Grab a few friends or make some new ones and try your hand at the game. You’ll find courts lining the beach, so there is sure to be an open one.


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7. Learn how to surf


Huntington Beach is definitely one of the more popular places that attract surfers from all over the world. So why not take the time to take a lesson with some of the best? Grab a few friends, take advantage of the Groupons online, and have a fun day in the sun. Surfing is a fun hobby that you might find yourself continuing after your visit to this beach town.


All in all, Huntington Beach is a great spot with a lot going on throughout the year! However, I suggest traveling to the town over summer to enjoy the sun and activities along the water. There is always something going on and you’ll love every minute of it!


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