Top Travel Tips for Your Next Vacation

San Diego Travel Tips

San Diego Travel Tips

Traveling is filled with all sorts of choices, like where to go, how much to spend, and when to finalize travel plans. It's the littlest decisions that can make your trip easier and less stressful. We have created easy travel tips to make your next vacation much more relaxing. 

Park with the front of your car facing out - When you're rushing to find a parking spot at the airport, it's very easy to forget to turn off that interior light. More travelers have had their batteries die at an airport than in any other circumstance. For travelers heading out on a long-term voyage, park with your car front-facing out. That way, if you return to your car and find that your car battery has died, you'll be able to access your car battery for an easy tow truck hookup.

Leave time to get to economy lots - Off-airport parking lots are often remarkably lower-priced than any other lots. Because of this, they're the best place for travelers who want to save a little bit of money, especially for those who take long trips where parking fees start to skyrocket after several days. 

Pack your must-needs in your carry-on - Everyone who travels has lost their luggage at some point. Pack what you can’t live without in your carry-on. This is necessary for items that are not easily replaced, such as a laptop or leather jacket. 

Save your boarding pass - If you're one of those travelers who toss their boarding pass as soon as you step off the plane––don’t! Your boarding pass serves as proof of your travels if your airline doesn’t automatically credit you with frequent flier miles. Your boarding pass can also be useful as a receipt for tax purposes, particularly if you're self-employed.

Get your seat assignments ASAP - Every minute that passes without a seat assignment is another minute someone else grabs an aisle or window seat. Your best choice is to check in online. Note: not all flights, airlines, or classes of travel will allow advance check-in (or even assigned seating––looking at you, Southwest).

Tag your bags with an easily recognizable item - Nowadays, we all buy our bags at the same stores, like Target or WalMart. Stores like these tend to have bags from the same manufacturers. This leads to an endless wave of nearly identical bags on the baggage carousel. You can easily change this by marking your bags with a colorful ribbon, stitching, or a large sticker. You'll be able to spot your suitcase coming right out of the door from miles away.

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