Top Trends in Furniture Making

Furniture imparts character to a space — whether residential or commercial. But it's the right type of furniture that can take the look of your interiors to the next level, while even a single wrong piece can make your decor look cluttered and inconsistent. 


As trends come and go in the world of home interiors, furniture too is undergoing many design evolutions. In fact, every year, furniture trends flood the market, which in turn spawn new ideas for interior décor.


A cleverly designed piece that blends functionality and aesthetics can transform your home quite effortlessly. But if you want to take a step further and jazz up your interiors a bit more, introducing some trendy pieces can do the job. That said, here are some of the top trends that are making waves in furniture making.


Natural finish and clean designs

The pace and clutter of everyday life are driving consumers towards clean lines and natural rawness in the finished products. As such, natural wood textures and burnt finishes, cast metal patina, and other surfaces are quite in demand. 


Inspired by art

A recent trend in furniture is its amalgamation with art. There are a lot of design inputs in furniture these days that make them visually appealing by bringing together material aesthetics, a combination of styles, etc. and incorporation of bold prints and colors.


Eco-friendly options

Consumer awareness has developed the market and demand for green furniture. And, no -- by green, we don't mean the color but the production. Eco-friendly designs include furniture made from sustainable wood and other reusable or locally-sourced material. Furniture that can last long and withstand changing climatic conditions will see a surge in demand with a view to outdoor furnishing.


Multifunctional designs

In small homes, the focus lies on the effective maximization of the limited space available. Thanks to this, there's a rise in furniture pieces that homeowners can use in multiple ways, such as sofa beds, foldable chairs, extendable coffee tables, ottoman with storage, etc. Whether by providing extra storage or the flexibility to size up or down, multifunctional furniture fits nicely within the rising trend of tiny living spaces.   


Handcrafted luxury

The market for high-end furniture is focusing on craftsmanship, and the trend for authentic, handcrafted upscale items is quite popular. This segment is investing in owning decorative pieces against mass-produced items. Handmade custom pieces are also making inroads in houses with impeccable taste in furniture.


Non-conventional colors

As the Art Deco influence sweeps over furniture designs, non-traditional furniture colors are being emphasized more and more. For instance, pink has made a strong presence in the furniture market, while blush tones also feature prominently. These can be paired with other bold hues to accentuate them.


So, those were some of the top trends in furniture-making. But it's important to remember that these trends come alive through the craftsmanship of experienced makers only. So, if you've found your favorite furniture trend among the ones we've listed above, Hudson Furniture can turn it into a reality. As Sydney's premier makers of handcrafted pieces, we employ meticulous manufacturing details and trained artisans to produce the best in furniture. Get in touch with us to get started.