Top Unicorn Gift Ideas For Kids Who Love Unicorn Merchandise

There are a few brands and companies which need no introduction and explanation. For they have so widely and popularly spread their merchandise that almost everyone has a basic idea about their products and variety. 


Unicorn Merchandise is one such trade which has allowed children to enliven their fantasy world. Such items are mainly for children of quite a range of ages. Each and every item is mesmerizing and desirable.


It is very tough to select a handful of things which are considered to be the most popular among kids, for children to look forward to acquiring each and every item of these unicorn products. But then through much observation, there are 10 gift ideas which are kept in mind while purchasing gifts for the children. These ideas are as follows:


1)      Lights:

This is a beautiful rainbow light that comes in the motif of a full-body unicorn or at times only a unicorn head. These look really beautiful if hanged as a night light or placed in a bedside cabinet.


2)      Stationery:

These involve funky envelopes, colorful notepad or notebook, fun pens. They provide the kids with an activity book with lots and lots of sketches and scratches making it much more interesting. Along with that comes a lapboard for kids to use it everywhere.


3)      Squishy:

This is a kind of combo pack. It is a sparkly and funny kind of set. The pack comes with a unicorn and a rainbow.


4)      Craft Set:

There are many models of craft sets. It may be a sewing set, painting set or string craft kit. Each and every child can get a kit serving their own interest.


5)      Pillows:

They have glittery and shiny sequin pillows, each inscribed with different and beautiful art on it. One can also opt for a customized pillow, something with a name or an image. Other than this, kids can also avail unicorn-shaped pillow. There several options.


6)      Jewelry Box:

This is a typically girly attraction. It is designed for kids to keep their treasures in the extremely pretty box, which also has a rotating unicorn along with the music.


7)      Stuffies:

It is a lovable unicorn stuffy. This also comes in an equally cute carrier. The unicorn has shiny attractive horns. Another variation of it comes in the form of cushion couch or a pillow. One actually curls up to it while watching a movie.


8)      Tea Set:

One of the attractive merchandises is a unicorn tea set with colorful tea plates and cups. Now nothing can be more perfect than having a tea party with such an amazing set.


9)      Headphones:

Now, this particular item has an age-wise option. It is a wireless set with volume control properties. Also, it is waterproof and because it is also bendable it enables easy storage. It comes with a cable for audio sharing too. Apart from looking cute it also an adjustable fit perfect for kids.


10)  Accessories & Jewelry:

Well, when it comes to these, the variety cannot really be counted. There are pretty necklaces with different quotes inscribed in it. Next, there is another kit consisting of color and fun hairband, keyring, bracelet. Another is a set of nine beautiful stud earrings. Nothing can be better than this for little girls.



These unicorn gift items’ ideas are very liable and have got popularized without any doubts. These products are manufactured with harmless materials and utmost safety since they are to be used by small kids. Apart from that, such merchandise come in a wide range of variety of colors, shapes, and forms, which make them attractive to the kids. So, one can actually give these a thought, for gifting.