Topping Ten Dirty Areas in the Office

According to Dr. Chuck Gerba, a University of Arizona parasitologist and virologist, para-influenza virus has been found in one-quarter of offices in the United States.

All places in the office are exposed to dirt but some areas are more prone to germs. Many people would want to know the exact places to avoid so as to learn how to keep themselves safe. This list is curated by office cleaning Melbourne and is a great resource for those seeking to hire expert industrial cleaners.  

In no particular order, here are the top ten dirty areas in an office.

Break room


Topping Ten Dirty Areas in the Office

The break room is unarguably the dirtiest place in the office. Workers sometimes use the sink faucet after using the bathroom. This causes germs taken from the bathroom to linger on the faucet.

A study conducted by the Kimberly Clark Professional shows that almost all the faucet handles in major office's break room can increase the spread of illness among staffs.

The best way to avoid contacting any disease and keep yourself safe is to always turn the faucet handles with the use of a paper towel. Also, try and sanitize your hands every now and then.

Mouse and Keyboard


It's no doubt that your keyboard collects a lot of germs just by typing and using them for hours non stop every day. Some bacteria can only live for a few hours on surfaces like the mouse, but if these bacteria are reapplied every time, they will keep on multiplying.

Studies have shown that the number of germs found on the keyboard is higher than those found on the toilet seat. In order to keep your mouse and keyboard clean, ensure you wash your hands regularly.

Dispenser Handles

One of the things that enhance the reproduction of bacteria is moisture. Bacteria thrive well in wet places like the water dispenser handle. A study conducted in Denver shows that the virus which causes diarrhea(rotavirus) is found on drinking fountains.

The fountain handle can harbor lots of bacteria and viruses because of its proximity to being touch. Make sure you wash your hands every time after using the water dispenser. You can also sanitize your hands to get rid of the germs completely.

Refrigerator Handles

The same goes for refrigerator door handles. These handles are touched several times in a day by several people. Many people may think that there are no bacteria in a refrigerator because it preserves food.

This is a misconception, a wide range of bacteria have been found in the refrigerator and the office refrigerator is not an exception. The fridge should be cleaned at least once every week.



Topping Ten Dirty Areas in the Office

Handrails are present in almost every office building. They can be installed on the balcony, lobby or as a guard on the stairwells. No matter where they are installed, handrails are constantly touched by people moving beside them.

This touching can facilitate the spread of germs from the hands to the rails. The germs may continue to multiply if they are reapplied from time to time. To prevent yourself from getting in contact with these germs, make sure you wash your hands after touching the rails or better still, avoid touching the rails completely.

Door Handles

Just like your keyboard and mouse, you can't go to the office without turning a doorknob. These knobs can accommodate up to 3,000 bacteria per square inch especially break room door handles.

Some noroviruses can also be found on these handles. These viruses are responsible for about 20 million illnesses all around the world every year.

Most times, we don't pay adequate attention to these minor surfaces in the office and they are the most dirtiest and most dangerous place to touch. Notwithstanding, proper care can be taken by using disinfectants on the handles and washing your hands regularly.

Manual Soap Dispensers

In other to get rid of germs, people may opt to use soap dispensers. Soap dispensers are found in almost all office's restroom today. These dispensers required the user to press the top or handle to get the soap out.

One-third of these users press these dispensers after using the toilets, this causes germs from the toilet to get transferred to the manual dispenser's handle. It is safer to use automatic dispensers in office restrooms.

Vending Machine Buttons


Topping Ten Dirty Areas in the Office

Do we need to mention this? The vending machine is one of the most go-to areas of the office, especially during lunchtime. Employees push buttons to get access to what they need from the vending machines.

These pushing and pressing can cause the transfer of germs from a dirty hand to the buttons and vice versa. Besides, these machines are filled with leftover food crumbs which can enhance the multiplication of bacteria. Unfortunately, little or nothing is done to get rid of these germs most of the time.

Your Working Desk

Your desk is like your personal room or office. It's not surprising that millions of germs are present on your desk as you do most of your tasks there.

Some activities like eating, spilling water and so on favor presence of bacteria and they continue to strive. Wipe your desk with disinfectants or antibacterials at least once a week.

Microwave Handles

One of the places employees can't do without is the lunchroom or the office kitchen as it's sometimes called. A company doesn't have to be a large one before it can have lunchroom for staff. Most times, employees may decide to warm their lunch and this involves the use of the microwave.

The microwave is good for heating up food but it can also harbor bacteria inside and outside it. Whenever someone uses the microwave and leaves germs on the handle, the germs may multiply because of the warmth. Try holding the handles with a paper towel or cleaning the microwave once in a while.

What do you think about our list of top ten dirty areas in an office? We would love to hear from you soon!