3 Travel Issues and How to Prepare for Them


It’s impossible to predict exactly what is going to happen when you’re traveling. That sense of the unknown that hits you the second you step through your front door is part of the travel experience. Once you step out of your comfort zone, every day can be a new adventure and new experience, and that’s why travel is so important. Unfortunately, things can go wrong, and if you're hit with a travel issue that you're not prepared for, your adventure can become very stressful indeed. No matter what kind of travel you’re planning, or the country that you’re heading off to, there are some basic ways to ensure that you are well equipped to tackle any issues that arise and minimize the chances of those issues ruining your much-needed travel time.


Make copies


Travel inevitably involves a lot of paperwork. From passports to flight tickets to insurance documents, those little pieces of paper are an essential part of your plans. Losing them can be very stressful, which is why you should always remember to print out some copies of them and keep them in a separate location to the originals. If you do get robbed or the airport misplaces your luggage, you’ll feel much more secure knowing that you have emergency backups of everything, and having them will speed up the process when you report losses to the police or your embassy. If there’s a document that you feel is important enough to take on your travels, then the chances are that it's worth having a copy of it close to hand at all times.


Prepare for flight delays


Even the most detailed of planning will be at the mercy of your travel company, and there’s nothing worse than having to kill time in an airport lounge when you should be off exploring somewhere new. Delays do happen, and they can sometimes be quite lengthy, so prepare a little in advance. Pack a book or your Kindle just in case, and have some snacks in your hand luggage so that you’re not at the mercy of airport food prices. Nothing kills the vacation mood more than being stuck at the airport, but if you are hit by delays, remember that you can claim compensation for delayed flight. This might help to alleviate the frustrations of spending a chunk of your vacation time in the departure lounge rather than sunning yourself on the beach.


Emergency contacts


You might have all of your emergency contacts listed in your phone, but that’s not going to help the foreign authorities who are helping you in an emergency. If something happens that requires a hospital stay, then you’re going to want to let people know. That’s why you should have a list available that you can give to officials should you need it. It’s also worth doing the same with allergies, so that if you do end up needing medical treatment, the language barrier is not quite so challenging to overcome.


The unexpected can and does happen when you're traveling, and if you're hoping to minimize the risk of things going drastically awry, then it’s best to do your planning now. Chances are that you won’t need any of the advice given here, but it’s always best to be prepared.