I Traveled Through Italy And Tasted Everything

My Italian Taste Tour

Trying everything in Italy is a vast understatement. You are handed food and told to try it!  We will take you through two beautiful regions, some incredible wineries, and of course amazing food. My time in Italy was well spent, needless to say, and we were able to keep the costs to a minimum; only spending about one hundred euro on good food and great gelato. We will take you through the little towns of Puglia and Salerno. In each of these regions, gelato seemed to be a staple. Gelato was served almost every night we were in each place and it was truly enjoyable.

During our time spent in Italy, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite places we visited. First off in the southern portion of Italy is a place called Noci, Bari. Bari is not one of the big tourist traps, yet is known for their narrow cobbled streets and the Basilica di San Nicholas which is a noteworthy attraction. In the remote region of Puglia exists an amazing wine culture where they are known for producing bulk wine. This has dogged their reputation for over forty years. Just minutes away from our hotel in the small town of Altamura, the food that we were able to try was magnificent and the gelato was some of the best I had tried.

The day after visiting Altamura, we had the chance to step inside a salumi company. Salumificio Santoro is located in the region of Bari and produces handmade salami and capicola. They say that their salumi is one of the best due to their location. This specific salumi company is located in the hills of Puglia where the air in the region is supposedly ideal in the aging process.

While we traveled up north, we stayed in Salerno. Salerno has many great qualities, especially its little towns like Puglia. Their towns are very historic and a lot of the town is actually a museum. However, during our time in Salerno, we had the chance to take a cooking class at Masseria Eliseo and learn how buffalo milk mozzarella is made. This was one place that caught my attention and if I could, I would definitely go back to take another class. At this stop, we learned about the buffalo and the great mozzarella that its milk produces. Having the chance to taste mozzarella made from buffalo milk was by far the best mozzarella I have ever tasted, especially because the mozzarella was made fresh that same day. Once we knew where the mozzarella was made, we traveled to the school that is on the farm. There we were taught another way to make capicola and fresh ravioli. We also learned how to make fresh pizza dough and all the trimmings, including the sauce. I highly recommend taking a class at this particular school to anyone who is visiting Salerno.

Ultimately, Italy was gorgeous and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to see Europe. There are so many beautiful sites to see and a lot of delicious food to taste, especially the gelato.