Traveling to Greece

Travelling to Greece

Tired and sick of paying a wealth on your air tickets? The best and affordable solution is to take a road trip, but it cannot be possible most of the times due to the lack of energy and time. The increased gas price will end you putting more money that would be higher than the money you spend it for the air tickets.


There are plenty of tricks and tips one can follow to purchase cheap airline tickets as well as save pennies. I assure that you will be able to save some hundreds of dollars per tickets by following specific tips in getting the flight tickets.

How to book Flight Tickets at an affordable price to Greece?

Travelling to Greece

Are you ready to travel to Greece? But looking for the best ways to book your air tickets to Greece at a cheap rate? There are a lot of websites available to book flight tickets, but you should try out to book air tickets to Greece, as they have plenty of offers to browse for.

Focus on: When you should buy the flight tickets?

Do you know getting the air tickets at the right time can save you plenty of time? It is difficult to follow certain rules precisely as the industry regulations and laws get changed often. Still, there are some significant factors you can make use of them to find your airfare price low in the role.

Avoid Buying too late

Try to avoid buying 1-5 days before your travel date. It's most likely tickets are either sold out or they're too expensive. Airline companies would take advantage of those last-minute buyers and increase the air fare. So, you're left with no choice but to buy tickets especially if you're travelling for special occasions or due to an emergency. But if you could, try avoiding last-minute buying or booking within a week from your travel date. This would save you a lot more than you think.

Avoid Buying Earlier

So many of them have a thought that getting air tickets too early would save you money. Getting a ticket before six months means again, you are investing your wealth. The right time to buy an air ticket is between three and twelve weeks before your flight.


Apart from that, you can try out Price predictor from Bing. The search engine may lag behind in the search results, but Bing is best when it comes to these types of issues. They have plenty of attractive tools handy which offers you with good results and one among them is the Price Predictor.

What is the right time to fly?

Clicking the buy button only does not matter, the departing time also has good value. Let us assume, you pick a time and that the period when everyone prefers to fly like New Year Holidays or Christmas Holidays, then it is undoubtedly you are putting more wealth for the air tickets.


Prefer to fly during the off-peak seasons: There are dead zones for choosing the peak season timings namely After the 7th of January, any days in February except 14th, every day of September, first two weeks of November and December.

Prefer to fly early in the day or middle of the week

Have you ever picked your favorite time at 3 am to fly? If not you should definitely try. It offers you an excellent experience and also helps you to save much money. At these times, you will even get the lowest prices as most of them prefer to choose these timings.


Most of the prefer flying at the start of the week or else the end of the week, so you should prefer the middle of the week so that you can find your fare lowest.

Learn to Compare Prices

You might have tried out many websites which provide best offers to obtain the lowest price for the air tickets, and there are multiple search engines to book affordable flights. Visit whatever you find and start comparing the amount, take much time as the main focus is to save money and prevent from putting wealth to the air tickets.


Go to the available airports in the period you need the tickets. You are lucky if you get the nearby smaller airport. If you find any bigger ones, the cost would be higher than the smaller ones. So it's essential to discover whether there are some smaller ones vacant.


The next thing is to analyze the airlines available, most of the airlines tend to be naturally affordable. You can note there will be a huge price difference if you compare them along with the price for a flight attendant service, seat comfort, accommodations and more. The rate will differ based on the flight length.


Check for the available routes, mostly go with the direct flights rather than choosing multiple ones to save your money.

Go for Separate Purchases

Do you know the price of the different seat in same flight has separate values? For example, the lower seat price will be more comfortable when compared to the back seats. Similarly, the amount also will differ based on the comfort you receive.


You need to search as a group to book the flights which have enough seats for your complete family group. Once you have collected all the details, you will know the difference and can go with the cheaper ones.

Make sure you are not charged for Sneaky Fees

Most of the airfares will include taxes and other sneaky feed in the price of the tickets. Make sure the fees are not included in them, you can let them avoid those. There will be more hidden charges for services in the airfares like seat selection, checked bags, blankets, snacks, and other on-board services.


There are plenty of websites that offer cheap airfares for air tickets. Following the above guidelines can save you hundreds of dollars in savings. You can explore for deals online and choose peak timings to save you more money. Has anyone already followed these guidelines before? Are any other ways to save plenty of pennies on your air tickets? Let us know through the comment sections below.