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Top Hat Trends Deserving of Attention this Year

Elie Saab Hat

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A little bit of mystery, a sprinkle of whimsy, and a whole lot of utilitarianism, hats are a designer’s delight in the spring/summer season. The year of 2017 welcomed in variety in the headwear department, giving us acres of room to play. With colors and textures an important fixture in fashion, 2017 hat trends come complete with florals, fluffy fabrics, straw, felt, and sequins. 

The Sporty-Chic Ball cap 

Cool, sporty, and sometimes edgy, ball caps are a hot trend in women’s headwear. Being one of the most common styles of hat, ball caps are available in colors, textures, and variations of all sorts! Last year we saw the single-toned, non-branded leather (or more commonly, pleather) baseball hats as a top headwear trend. This year, the ball cap trends are unique, flamboyant, and colorful. Chanel gave us sideways, colorful hats, and Moschino brought out quilted leather branded caps. Elie Saab introduces us to the Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer 2017 collection with sequin ball caps.    

Gucci Headwrap

The Festive Headwrap

We’ve had several run-ins with the head wrap over the years, and with such wearable diversity, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Wraps can be worn as a cultural piece, a boho accessory, or the cherry on top of a pin up look. Though the runway was elated with the elegance of '20s-inspired wraps by Giorgio Armani, we can expect bohemian wraps to gain more popularity, thanks to festival styles having such as stronghold in fashion. Gucci wrapped the heads of runway models with head wraps in their Spring/Summer 2017 runway. 

Trendy Hat

The Shady Visor

The functionality of visors is the primary appeal when it comes to this trend. They give shade to the entirety of the face, drawing in many healthy skin enthusiasts who simultaneously love the warmth of the sun. This is another trend we can expect to gain traction during festival season. Max Mara creates a summer paradise in this season’s visor with the addition of a tropical print.