Trendy Summer Home Accessories

Summer Accessories to Bring a Glow to Your Home

Add summer vibes to your living space. Everything that reminds you of summer, anything with a beach tone and sunny glow, should find a perfect place to be in your home now that summer is here. Not only will these decorations light up your entire living space, but a small touch here and there around the house can bring a warm and relaxing feel for you and all your guests. From the beach to the house, let your inspiration come in waves and fill your home with these summer accessories:



Cactus Decorations

SJÄLSLIGT Decoration, set of 3 IKEA

Start with small adjustments and add things that won’t take too much space. Any of these are easily accented with some cute decorations you put out for each season. Ceramic cactuses will be a perfect fit for any area of the home. Bookshelves, kitchen areas, or a bedroom dresser – pick a spot for these green additions to go together or separate.



Summer Scents

SOMMAR 2018 Scented candle in glass IKEA A sweet scent of apricot and ice cream.

Bring a sweet note of summer to your place in the form of a few scented candles. Choose fun and wonderful combinations like apricot and ice cream (as shown above) and not only do they smell amazing, but their light pink and pastel orange colors will leave a summer stamp to any corner of your home.


Solar-Powered Lamps


Image result for outdoor solar table


Our outdoor space tends to be in the spotlight during the summer months. With frequent time spent outside the house while relaxing alone or with friends, this area could use something new this summer. Add a fabulous solar-powered lamp with an outdoor table that illuminates the entire patio. Solar tables are another fantastic idea of how to make this idea work. More light will bring more time out on the patio when it gets dark, and you can serve your dinner in this romantic setting anytime.



Pink Palm Leaf Plates

Image result for pink palm leaf plates


You’ll want these plates in your house this summer to add some color indoors or outdoors. Serve them for a casual outdoor tea party or put them on the wall. Both will work wonderful and represent California's year-round summer weather.


Colorful Cushion Cover

Image result for ikea cover cushion


Implementing trendy natural colors of the season is the number one thing you’d want to do to give your home a touch of summer. That trick will always work with using cushion covers which can be changed as often as you want. Super affordable, fun and summery, colorful cushion covers are a great accessory for the house that will be noticed right away.


Displaying Seasonal Fruit

Displaying summer fruit in the center of your living room or in the corner of your kitchen counter is a great idea of not changing much, yet accomplishing a lot. Lemons, limes, peaches, cherries, nectarines and the rest of summers best will turn your room into a beautiful clash of colors and fruity aroma.


Outdoor Dining Set

The summery ambiance will be complete with a cute outdoor set of chairs, table and a sun umbrella that will make your terrace a lovely new place to relax. Perfect for those living in the city where apartments have small balconies. Choose beige and nude colors for the set and bright colors for the comfy cushions, and you’ll love the combination.


Aloe Vera Plants

You can never have too many plants in your home. Green plants like aloe vera are a perfect addition for the summer; it’s an easy-care plant that loves to be on the sun. Aloe vera is also a slow growing plant so you won’t have to put any hard work transferring it to a more prominent pot often.



Multicolor Place Mat and Napkins

SOMMAR 2018 Place mat IKEA Protects the table top surface and reduces noise from plates and flatware.

Set up your table with warm and sunny colors and you’ll have a simple summery solution to repeat anytime you want. An affordable trick of buying a new placemat for the dining table, either indoor or out, completed with the napkins in the same color will make your dining area different, and you’ll like it in a whole new way.


Summer Print on Hand Towels

Celebrate Summer Together Watermelon Kitchen Towel 2-pack

Favorite summer fruit like strawberries or watermelon has become lovable prints for T-shirts, summer bags, and – hand towels. Pick the ones you like the most and add them to your kitchen or bathroom.

Happy Summer!